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For ten years, American actor Tom Welling embodied the character of Clark Kent / Superman in the series “Smallville”. A superb experience which nevertheless left him with a strange trauma…

For nearly a decade, Tom Welling has slipped in the guise of Clark Kent on the small screen, in the cult series Smallville. Embodying Superman in his early years was a real privilege for the actor, who however did not emerge unscathed from this superheroic experience.

In a recent episode of the Talkville podcastTom Welling reveals an astonishing “post-Smallville” trauma: since the end of the series in May 2011, the American actor can no longer wear blue or red clothes, the colors that define the iconic character of Clark Kent / Superman!

After revealing that there were around 30 red jackets stored in his dressing room during the filming of the series, Tom Welling has an astonishing response when journalist Michael Rosenbaum asks him if he kept any of them just for himself.

“I never thought of doing that”says the 45-year-old actor. “Since the stop of Smallville, as soon as I work on another project and that there is the usual discussion concerning the wardrobe, I say that I do not prefer to wear red or blue clothes. (…) I prefer it. I don’t like it. I don’t like it anymore.”

The trailer for “Fog”, one of Tom Welling’s most memorable films:

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