Sky Rojo on Netflix: what to expect from season 2?

Available from July 23 on Netflix, season 2 of “Sky Rojo” marks the return of the three fugitives Coral, Wendy and Gina in a chase that promises to be even more explosive than season 1.

The run starts again. With Sky Rojo, creators Álex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato recount the misadventures of three sex workers – Coral, Wnedy and Gina – pursued by the henchmen of their tyrannical and abusive boss, Romeo. Composed of 8 episodes, the first season offered an electric intrigue without downtime and inspired by the works of Quentin Tarantino.

The series, which is not subtle, does not try to offer an interesting reflection on the living conditions of exploited women. Instead, she focuses solely on her sense of entertainment, here very effective, which seems to have won over audiences.

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In the eighth and final episode, Coral returns to the strip club Las Novias to confront Romeo, the criminal behind their escape. As the two characters engage in a fight with swords, Wendy and Gina set a trap for Moisés. The latter, who pursues his prey behind the wheel of his car, falls into a deep hole dug by the fugitives on a construction site.

Wendy grabs a backhoe loader to cover the trap with sand, Moisés grabs her weapon and touches the young woman in the abdomen. At the same time, Carol, taken with remorse, proceeds to a cardiac massage on her torturer to avoid him death.

Sky Rojo on Netflix
Sky Rojo on Netflix


Yany Prado in season 2 of “Sky Rojo”.

Shot at the same time as the first, the second season continues the flight of the three heroines where it left off. If the end of the previous chapter left doubt about Wendy’s future, the character will indeed be back, ready to do battle to continue his revenge.

Accompanied by Gina, the two friends take refuge in a cabin lost in the middle of the forest. This time, the trend is reversed. The victims get back on their feet and the executioners become the game to be slaughtered.

This new component is an opportunity for Sky Rojo to propose a turning point, which should better highlight the courage and survival instinct of its three main characters. Hitherto criticized for its stereotypical vision of the world of prostitution, the series has here the opportunity to offer another treatment, more feminist, in the evolution of its history which, for its part, promises to be always so supercharged.

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