Sky Rojo, La Casa de Papel … what is the recipe for the success of Alex Pina’s series?

Álex Pina and Esther Martinez Lobato (the creators of La Casa de Papel) seem to have found THE recipe for success since all their series are made from the same ingredients! We tell you everything.

Sky rojo, la casa de papel... What is the recipe for the success of alex pina's series?

Sky Rojo, available for a short week on Netflix, marks the third collaboration between Álex Pina and the streaming platform. The Spanish showrunner indeed signed a few years ago an exclusive deal on his next productions.

After the worldwide success of La Casa de Papel, Netflix seems to be betting on him to achieve the same coup d ‘brilliance (without really succeeding). With Sky Rojo, Pina and her sidekick Esther Martínez Lobato use the same ingredients as in their previous series.

The female point of view

In 2015, Antenna 3 broadcast the prison series Vis à vis / behind bars, a pale copy of the brilliant Orange Is the New Black, centered on inmates. It will mark a step in the filmography of Alex Pina because for the first time, he adopts a feminine point of view. And it will always be the case afterwards: Tokyo in La Casa de Papel, Alex in The Pier, Zoe in White Lines and now three prostitutes in Sky Rojo.

He turns these heroines into feminist figures, with more or less finesse. The ferocious Nairobi (Alba Flores) became one after the international success of La Casa de Papel, in particular thanks to its cult replica “Empieza el matriarcado(Matriarchy begins) Stockholm will join her in Season 3 when she retorts Denver that he’s a ‘fucking sexist’ when he asks her not to participate in the heist to care for their child.

Pina and Martínez Lobato also adopt a recurring process in their productions: the voice-over. Whether in The Pier, Sky Rojo, La Casa de Papel or White Lines, the heroine of the series takes the time to set up the plot, inform the viewer about her state of mind and anticipate what will happen next. arrive to keep him going.

Toxic male characters

All of these heroines live in a male world where they are judged primarily on their looks. Sky Rojo is the most convincing example of this since Coral, Wendy and Gina are reduced to sex objects: they are lied to to get them to leave the country, their passports are withdrawn, they are deprived of their freedom.

Romeo’s lines are not lacking in poetry in this respect: “God gave man the instinct to mount as many females as possible … it is his mission in life” or “All my greatest successes, I owe them to my cock …“.

And we don’t hesitate to torture them – especially in this mind-blowing scene where Moises (Miguel Angel Silvestre) threatens to cut the escort girls’ nipples using pliers. More broadly, vulgarity is one of the key ingredients of these series.

Toxic and sexist male characters, we find many of them in the series of Alex Pina and Esther Martínez Lobato. Already in La Casa de Papel, that of Berlin (Pedro Alonso) created controversy. Before becoming the darling of spectators, the robber shone with his misogynistic interventions.

In the documentary La Casa de Papel: The Phenomenon, Pina even explains having killed the character because some found that his vision of the woman was far too archaic and that it was in bad press for the series.

Unfortunately, the showrunner will bring up a character just as misogynistic as him in season 4, in the person of Palermo. And the latter seems obsessed with a single subject (“Go count your pubic hair” he will launch in particular in Tokyo).

If these series force (very) roughly the line, it is also to show the spectators that these attitudes are de facto inexcusable.

Sexualized female characters

In Sky Rojo, the camera does not hesitate to film women’s bodies as closely as possible. We see them being whipped, tied up and practicing bondage. The male gauze is more than ever present in the series of Alex Pina.

When in La Casa de Papel the women are often shown scantily clad (most of the time for no reason), The Pier goes on full frontals and other sex scenes: we talk about threesome, adultery , rape …

The sense of the show

From the road trip of the heroines of Sky Rojo to the heist of La Casa de Papel through the investigation and the mystery of White Lines, we can say that Alex Pina has a sense of the spectacle. The one who keeps going and who makes you want to binge-watcher the series.

With Sky Rojo, the two showrunners opted for an efficient 8×25 minute format, which changes from the 70 minutes of La Casa de Papel when it was broadcast in Spain.

Pina and her writers are undeniably the kings of thrillers and sometimes far-fetched twists. The past often sheds light on the present with the help of flashbacks: they skillfully play on the romantic relationships between the characters to explain twists and turns. Something to addict …

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