Skam France: the first shocking images of season 7 finally unveiled – news series on tv

Skam France: the first shocking images of season 7 finally unveiled – news series on tv

It’s official: season 7 of “Skam France” will begin on January 18 on France tv slash. An announcement which is accompanied by a first teaser which reveals that Tiffany (Lucie Fagedet) will probably be the central character of these new episodes.

The countdown has started before Skam France is back on France tv slash. As usual, it is with a surprise announcement, made this Saturday at 4:13 p.m. exactly on Youtube and on social networks, that the France Télévisions platform revealed that season 7 of the teen phenomenon series would begin on Monday, January 18. . Unveiling in passing the first images of this inevitably eagerly awaited seventh salvo. As well as the central character of these new episodes. Who has something to surprise.

While fans expected Maya (Ayumi Roux), Jo (Louise Malek), or Max (Sohan Pague) to be spotlighted in this season 7, it’s finally on Tiffany’s (Lucie Fagedet) life. , the high school student who made the life of Lola (Flavie Delangle) a hell in season 6, that will be interested in the series in the weeks to come. The first teaser, visible in the player above, takes us behind the scenes of a regional championship that “Tiff” has just won. On stage, the teenager enjoys this moment. But the euphoria of victory does not last. As she returns to the locker room, Tiffany feels bad. In violent pain, she collapsed to the ground and began to scream. What is happening to him? Doubt is not allowed for long since, when help arrives, the firefighters tell her that she has lost water. And without her realizing it until now, her life is about to change.

With these first very strong images, Skam France therefore seems to announce that season 7 will focus on denial of pregnancy. After the invisible handicap and addiction last year, through the characters of Arthur and Lola, the series adapted from the Norwegian drama Skam will thus be interested for its third “original” season (after seasons 1 to 4 modeled on the Nordic model) to a problem that is still too little talked about. The fact of being pregnant without being aware of it, which concerns up to 3 births in 1000 each year in France. Toured last fall, this season 7, which will be followed by an eighth batch, will mark a new turning point for Skam France as Shirley Monsarrat succeeds behind the camera David Hourrègue, the director of the first six seasons, while the team of he writing is also renewed following the departure of Niels Rahou, replaced by Deborah Hassoun as collection director.

The first extract of season 7 of Skam France will be unveiled on January 18, while the first full episode should be available on Friday January 22 on France tv slash.

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