SKAM France season 6: we saw the first episodes, we’re debriefing! – News Series on TV

SKAM France season 6: we saw the first episodes, we’re debriefing! – News Series on TV

After a successful unprecedented season 5, Skam France is back for a sixth burst of episodes, centered on Lola, a new character. So what is this new sixth season worth? Our opinion, guaranteed without spoilers.


French remake of the Norwegian phenomenon series, Skam France has managed to impose itself among the many foreign adaptations of the teen drama to success. Total proof of the triumph of the French version, the series is the first remake to obtain new additional seasons after the four original adapted seasons. The fifth season, centered on Arthur (Robin Migné), was therefore a risky challenge but one which kept all its promises. So what about the sixth burst of episodes, which started on April 18, 2020 on FranceTV Slash?

In this sixth season, always broadcast in real time on FranceTV Slash through chronicles of life, the emblematic cast of Skam France is back and welcomes newcomers. For the first time, a season of the series will not focus on a member of the Crew or Gang, the two legendary bands, but on the mysterious Lola (Flavie Delangle), a new character introduced in the last episode of season 5 So is season 6 worth a look? After having preview access to the first five episodes, here is our verdict, guaranteed without spoilers. It is still advisable to have seen the first clips released before continuing to read this article.

Hello lola

Arrived in the last episode of season 5 of Skam France, Lola is the sister of Daphne (Lula Cotton-Frapier). Despite their kinship, the two teenage girls are very different and have little in common at first sight. Solar, optimistic and ingenuous, Daphne finds it difficult to manage Lola’s self-destructive behavior. A terrible family drama will upset the already fragile balance of the cocoon that Daphne was trying to maintain. The death of their mother will shatter everything in the lives of the two sisters. Lonely and suffering, Lola will more and more sink into a dangerous and devastating darkness.

To play Lola, it was the young Flavie Delangle, seen in Marlon the short film named Cesar by Jessica Palud, which was chosen. And like Robin Migné, masterful in season 5 where his character Arthur was faced with the invisible handicap, the new recruit is remarkable in this role of adolescent suffering from addiction, disturbed, dark, self-destructive but also extremely lucid and mature. It’s hard not to think of Skins’ iconic Effy Stonem when you look at the neat and refreshing performance of Flavie Delangle, fully invested in her character.

Screenshot / FranceTV Slash

The rest of the cast of new talents who embody Lola’s friends, we find involved actors, solar and funny such as Ayumi Roux (Vampires, Mortal), Louise Malek (Dunk), Quentin Nanou (Olivia, Léo Mattei) and Sohan Pague . If the Gang and the Crew are a little behind, the fact remains that a good balance has been found so that the old ones are always integrated into the plot and the new ones can make a place for themselves. In her chaotic journey, Lola will face dangerous enemies and obstacles but will also be able to count on unexpected support. As in seasons 4 and 5, the adult and parental figures are much more present and participate all the more in the development of the main character of season 6.

While the fifth batch of episodes already showed a desire to break the codes imposed by the first four seasons of Skam France, season 6 places the cursor even higher and expresses a total creative freedom very appreciable in its realization signed David Hourrègue. Much darker and harder than previous seasons, this new burst of episodes benefits from a very beautiful photograph and a colorful and saturated aesthetic playing between light and shade, a style that looks a little on the side of ‘Euphoria but also Skins and Misfits at times. We feel that Skam France, with a stronger identity than ever, has found its cruising speed and that the series has completely freed itself from its original material to offer a remarkable and necessary program for a whole generation of teenagers. , as was Skins before it.

The episodes of season 6 will be published every Friday at 6 p.m. on France TV Slash.

The teaser for season 6 of SKAM France:

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