SKAM France: a date and a trailer for season 8 - news series on TV

SKAM France: a date and a trailer for season 8 – news series on TV

France TV Slah has just unveiled a trailer for season 8 of “SKAM France”, as well as the broadcast date of the series.


France TV Slash has just unveiled via the twitter of the Konbini site the trailer for season 8 of SKAM France, the first extract of which will arrive on Youtube this Monday, May 3. And who says new burst of episodes, says new main character.

Even though we might have guessed it thanks to the Season 7 final shot that lingered on him, this season’s star will be Khalil Ben Gharbia, who plays MIF honorary member Bilal. This means that Tiff (Lucie Fagedet), Lola (Flavie Delangle), Maya (Ayumi Roux), Jo (Louise Malek), Max (Sohan Pague) and Redouane (Abdallah Charki) will be back.

If season 7 dealt with the denial of pregnancy through the character of Tiff, the theme of this season 8 is still unclear. In view of the images shown in “The village”, the last episode broadcast on France TV slash which offered us a glimpse of Bilal’s private life, and the extract which has just been unveiled, this new burst of episodes will perhaps speak to be of poverty, the young teenager seeming to flee a security guard after having stolen products in a supermarket.

Answer on Monday with the first video extract of season 8 of SKAM France.

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