How Christine Brown’s Icing Out Meri & Treating Janelle Like A Queen

How Christine Brown’s Icing Out Meri & Treating Janelle Like A Queen


  • Christine and Janelle have developed a strong and supportive sister wives relationship, relying on each other during difficult times and offering advice and support.
  • Janelle is inspired by Christine’s independent life and looks to her for guidance on navigating her own future decisions, despite having different ideas.
  • Christine and Janelle have chosen to distance themselves from Meri and prioritize their own relationships, as they feel they have different experiences and priorities compared to Meri.

Sister Wives season 18 has explored the dynamics between Christine Brown and her fellow sister wife Janelle Brown, and it’s been noticeable on social media that Christine is embracing Janelle into her new independent life, while she’s actively been icing Meri Brown out. Christine was married to Kody Brown for nearly 30 years before they split in 2021, but she was hopeful that her family would remain as intact as possible as they navigated the split. Moving out of a plural marriage while maintaining a plural family can’t be easy, and Christine was quick to rely on Janelle for support during one of the most difficult times in her life.

While Christine and Kody haven’t been able to see eye-to-eye after their split, it quickly became clear that Janelle and Christine were doing better than ever in their relationship as sister wives. Christine has been open and candid with Janelle about her marriage and the struggles she faced when deciding to leave Kody, as well as with the after-effects of her decision. In turn, when things began to sour between Janelle and Kody it was notable that Christine was someone she could turn to. As Janelle and Christine have forged their own paths, Meri has been left behind.

Christine & Janelle Have Been Supportive Sister Wives For Decades

While Janelle and Christine were married to the same man, they were supportive sister wives throughout their time with Kody and each other. In the early days of the Brown family, Kody split his time between his wives more equally, meaning that Meri, Janelle, and Christine all operated on more of a schedule. For Janelle and Christine, both of whom were raising families while navigating plural marriage, things could be difficult at time. Many of Janelle and Christine’s children are the same age, or around each other’s ages. Being able to rely on one another through their pregnancies and early motherhood was a huge part of forging their bond.

After their kids got older, Christine and Janelle already had a basis for the friendship they share now. Having to rely on one another and lean on one another in place of a husband sometimes ensured that they had a strong bond, especially when things got difficult. As Christine’s had to deal with trying to co-parent with Kody, Janelle’s been leaning on her for support in figuring out what to do now that her marriage is broken. Sister Wives season 18 had shown, more than ever, just how supportive their relationship has been. The pair has been there for one another, offered each other advice, and supported each other.

Janelle’s Inspired Seeing Christine’s Life Moving Forward

After leaving Kody, Christine had some difficult decisions to make. While she was happily raising Truely closer to their family’s home base in Flagstaff, Arizona, the majority of the Brown family had relocated back to Salt Lake City, Utah. Christine’s family all lived in Salt Lake City, and she had even brought up moving back to Utah to the family during a previous season of Sister Wives. While Christine’s idea had been rebuffed, when she left Kody she decided she wanted to move back to a place she felt more comfortable. Despite push back from Kody, Christine moved back to Utah with their daughter, Truely, and settled down near her children.

While Janelle has been dealing with her own issues surrounding Kody and their marriage, she’s been asking Christine for advice on how to handle her life moving forward. Though Janelle and Christine have very different ideas of what they want, Janelle has been open about the fact that she could see herself leaving Flagstaff. Christine is a few steps ahead in terms of her relationship ending, but Janelle has been looking to Christine for advice and instruction on how to handle something so precarious. In seeing Christine gaining independence and moving forward with her life, she’s been able to model her own decision to leave after Christine’s.

Christine Doesn’t Want A Relationship With Meri

Although Christine, Janelle, and Meri were all deeply involved in one another’s lives for the better part of 30 years, Christine and Meri’s relationship has never been strong. Meri’s bonded more with Robyn than she ever has with Christine or Janelle, which has just made it more uncomfortable as their lives have changed. Christine has always been open and honest on Sister Wives, speaking plainly about her relationship with the rest of the Brown family. While she doesn’t mention Meri often, it’s clear that she’s not really interested in forging a long-term relationship with Meri when she already doesn’t have one.

In recent episodes of Sister Wives season 18, Christine and Janelle have both shared that they don’t feel compelled to keep up a relationship with Meri. Though they have shared experiences that have made them close in the past, Meri’s issues with Kody and the family are far different from Christine’s or Janelle’s. As Kody’s original wife, Meri had a different relationship with her Sister Wives and has always prioritized her marriage over everything else. While Christine and Janelle have been able to lean on each other, they’re both choosing to isolate Meri from their lives, as is their choice.

Janelle Has Been Confiding In Christine About Kody, Meri, & Robyn

Although Christine and Janelle have taken their time in broaching the topic, they’ve been open with each other about the state of the Brown family and their relationships with Kody, Meri, and Robyn. Throughout Sister Wives season 18, Janelle has been honest with Christine about her desire to continue being in association with anyone in the Brown family, making it clear she’d like to move forward with her life independently. Janelle hasn’t spoken to Meri or Robyn in a year, and doesn’t feel the need or desire to reach out to either of them. Christine feels similarly, and both have encouraged each other to stay true to what they want.

Christine, David, & Janelle Are Traveling Together

After her wedding to now-husband David Woolley, many were wondering what Christine and Janelle’s relationship would look like. With Christine in a new marriage and navigating her life outside a plural family, many hoped Janelle and Christine’s bond wouldn’t fade. Thankfully, Janelle and Christine seem closer than ever. Both have recently been on a cruise with the company they work for, Plexus, and shared that they had a great time together with David. Christine even shared in a sweet post that Janelle will be her family forever, regardless of Sister Wives. The pair have been able to foster a bond that has lasted, and will continue to do so.

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