Apart from being a high-tech city housing many of the world’s top multinational companies, Singapore is also a dream destination for nature lovers as it has many hills and mountain ranges that can be explored. If you are planning your trip to Singapore, this article will definitely help you know the places you must visit during your stay there. the serene beauty of hills in singapore This is something that can only be felt once you reach there.

Best time to visit hills in Singapore

hills in singaporehills in singapore


Now, if you are about to plan your adventurous trip to Singapore, you must know the best time of the year to visit there. The climate of Singapore is such that if you visit there during the period from November to January you will experience heavy rainfall. However, once January passes, the next month will be perfect for your trip. If you are going there for the first time then you should choose the months between summer and winter. You can plan your trip anytime between February and April before the scorching heat starts.

10 Hills in Singapore You Must Visit

The elaborate and glamorous structures of this city are much talked about but its hilly part is the least talked about. Some of us may also wonder whether there are hills in Singapore? The answer is yes! And that’s not all, there are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy depending on your budget and the kind of adrenaline rush you’re looking for. Here are some of the most famous hills in Singapore.

1. Telok Blangah Hill

Telok Blangah HillTelok Blangah Hill

Image Credit: Steven Sim via Flickr

You should start your mountaineering trip from here as Telok Blangah Hill stands at a height of just 106 meters. However, don’t let this figure deceive you because once you reach the top you will experience a mesmerizing view. Mount Faber and Kent Ridge Park connect to this hill, forming a trail of approximately 9 kilometers. The best part is that the hill walk is made up of several footpaths that pass through dense forests. Trekking at night can also bring a new experience as many of the trails are brightly lit with a series of LEDs that can literally light up your experience.

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2. Bukit Klang

Bukit KlangBukit Klang


This is unquestionably the best choice when it comes to choosing a map of hills in Singapore. This place gives you a view of a view which is really difficult to compare with anything else that exists in this country. The rich fauna of this area is what makes it so attractive for nature lovers and they can get a bird’s eye view of the animals roaming around in the canopy. Boutique Kallang is also widely popular for its treetop walk bridge that connects it to Boutique Piers which is another name in the list of hills in Singapore. However, you need to keep in mind that Monday should not be the day you are visiting Boutique Kallang as this 250 meter suspension bridge is closed on that day.

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3. Bukit Batok Hill

Bukit Batok HillBukit Batok Hill


This place has a very rich historical significance which is clearly visible from the presence of the memorial plaque present here. This hill speaks of the courage of the soldiers who were martyred during World War II and that is why you must keep it on your checklist. Statistically, situated at a height of 120 metres, this hill is the third highest hill in the region and a beautiful pond is situated around it. Although a large part of this hill is protected by the Ministry of Defence, public access is also permitted in Little Guilin Park and several other areas. If you are going to add it to your list of hikes in Singapore then you should find out about public access.

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4. Bukit Timah Hill

Bukit Timah HillBukit Timah Hill


Now, it is the highest mountain in Singapore and stands at a height of 163.63 metres. A beautiful scent will welcome you as you proceed up the hill, making your trip as memorable as possible. If you really want to visit the best hills of Singapore then Bukit Timah Hill should be on your list. Take a travel guide with you so that you do not miss the many places located near this hill. The best part is that you can relax in a small pavilion located at the peak of Bukit Timah Hill so that you don’t feel tired after the day.

5. Fort Canning Hill

Fort Canning HillFort Canning Hill


This hill also speaks of the cultural heritage and historical importance of Singapore in the olden times and even today attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world. It has ASEAN Sculpture Garden as well as Spice Garden which is a must visit if you want to see the beauty of Fort Canning Hill. Having said that, it becomes clear that when it comes to beautiful umbrellas and mountain peaks that one can enjoy, Singapore has a lot to offer.

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6. Mount Faber

Mount FaberMount Faber


This 105 meter high place is also known as a major tourist spot due to the beauty present around this place. While you are climbing up you can enjoy the view of a graffiti wall, which will add to your experience. Mount Faber is covered with a secondary rainforest that houses a wide range of flora and fauna. Talking about trees, you might get to see Rhododendron, Alstonia, Red Flame and Arenga Palms when you are planning a trip to Mount Faber. Apart from being a picturesque place, this place is truly a delight for nature lovers.

7. Mount Vernon

Mount VernonMount Vernon

Image Credit: JNZL Photos via Flickr

Talking about central Singapore, comes Mount Vernon which is relatively small compared to other mountain peaks located in the region. While staying at Mount Vernon, you get the chance to enjoy the captivating chirping of birds, as drunken cuckoos, Asian cuckoos as well as five-billed woodpeckers can be found here. All these make Mount Vernon an ideal place for those who claim themselves to be admirers of natural beauty. If you are also one of such people, then now you know what your dream destination is.

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8. Jurong Hill

Jurong HillJurong Hill


Jurong Hill stands at a height of 60 meters and there is a bird park at the beginning of the path. Although it is considered an ideal choice for wedding photography, you can also enjoy a delicious yet affordable lunch while you are here. There is a restaurant on the hill that serves a variety of amazing cuisine from Indonesian to Japanese. This is another reason why Jurong Hill should not be missed if you are planning a trip to Singapore soon.

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9. Imbiya Hill

Imbiya HillImbiya Hill

Image Credit: Chu Yut Shing via Flickr

Imbiya Hill has about 11 major tourist destinations which is the most in the entire area of ​​Sentosa. It is situated at a height of 110 meters and from here you can see a mesmerizing yet panoramic view of the nearby islands as well as the city of Singapore. Also, if you have a soft spot for butterflies and other insects, then Imbiya Hill is going to be your dream destination as this is where the Butterfly Park and the Kingdom of Insects is located. If you are visiting this part of Singapore you will need to bring a camera. However, before bringing your gear out, make sure that photography is allowed in a particular area.

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From the above list you get a clear idea of ​​the various hilly places in Singapore. This can be helpful when you plan to visit Singapore. You should plan your trip without any delay and immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the hills in Singapore. Visit these hills to get the best view of the city from above.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mount Singapore

Are there mountains in Singapore?

Yes, there are mountains and hills in Singapore.

How many hills are there in Singapore?

There are about 11 hills in Singapore that can be reached.

Which is the highest mountain in Singapore?

Bukit Timah Hill is the highest mountain in Singapore.

What does Bukit Timah mean?

Bukit Timah is called ‘Bi Chia Lo Bue’ which means “end of the horse carriage road”.

How tall is Bukit Timah Hill?

Bukit Timah Hill is located at an altitude of 164 meters above ground level and 178 meters above sea level.

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