Sincerely yours: how does it end?

Although it only lasted one season, “Friendly yours” is one of those little gems of series that have marked the small screen. If you didn’t follow everything well or if your memory challenges you, we tell you the end of the series.

Warning, spoilers. The following article reveals key plot points of the “Friendly Yours” series as well as its ending.

Remember the adventures of Englishman Brett Sinclair (Roger Moore) and the American Danny Wilde (Tony Curtis), to the opposing personalities, who teamed up, reluctantly, in order to bring justice to those who had escaped it.

Ambitious and cheeky, Sincerely yours was, in its day, internationally successful, having won its highest awards in Australia and Spain, while Roger Moore and Tony Curtis were honored in Germany and France for their acting.

It was on February 25, 1972 that his 24th and last episode, “A Tenacious Grudge”, was broadcast. Fans of the show must unfortunately say goodbye to a charming series, mixing action and comedy and the always scathing reply.


Someone is after Brett Sinclair and goes to great lengths to remind him of the perils of the exciting world of motor racing. Attempted murder, violence and arson, all means seem to be permitted.

After investing a small fortune in the “Sinclair Special”, a record-breaking Formula 1 car, Brett prepares to take part in a race and trains for the occasion, but assassination attempts on his person multiply.

First of all, we try to run him over on the circuit with his own car then to intimidate him with death threats: a note is indeed left in the machine by the culprit who, himself, fled . She explicitly announces that her life will end before Saturday – the day of the big car race.

Sincerely yours: how does it end?
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Later, while returning home, Brett is attacked by a stranger in a beige raincoat. He defends himself and, in the middle of the fight, his attacker asks for a truce: his attack was nothing personal, he was anonymously hired to hurt him – but not to kill him. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman follows Brett and Danny all over town.

And finally the piece de resistance: once the man is gone, Brett receives a strange package containing… a sinister cardboard coffin reserved for a miniature figurine in his likeness. On the head of the doll, her photo, and flowers in her arms. It looks like this person desperately needs Saturday’s race to happen…without Brett!


At Sam’s, Brett and Danny eventually find a lead and meet the one trying to rig the race by buying Brett, a certain Vine (Maxwell Shaw)… That said, he himself is just an underling. After a fight, the man lets them go but one thing is certain: Brett will participate in the race.

Sincerely yours: how does it end?
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At home, the Lord receives a call from the man in the raincoat. They made a deal: in exchange for money, he gets his employer’s address. But it is a trap and when he goes there, Brett finds the injured henchman who falls down the stairs and dies. This is where the mysterious woman who followed him everywhere arrives, shocked.

We soon learn that her name is Carrie Bowman (Penelope Horner) and that she is a journalist. She was commissioned to follow Brett by her editor who learned that someone was trying to rig Saturday’s race and wants an article about it. She tells him of her suspicions: Danny is the co-owner of the “Sinclair Special”, he was seen with another competitor who was bought… From then on, she suspects him of being the one trying to fix the race.

Obviously, she is wrong. The duo then leads the investigation and a clue is revealed: a photo leads Brett to remember an accident that took place during a race a few years ago. Could the culprit be Jenkins, this former racer, who, after going off the road while Brett was passing him on the circuit, was badly burned?

Sincerely yours: how does it end?
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Brett and Danny, now accompanied by Carrie, are still on the spot as Brett’s Formula 1 car is tried to burn down – a fire the trio puts out in the nick of time. Meanwhile, Danny leaves to question Vine and threatens him: the latter finally leads him to the one, or rather the one, who gives the orders…

Louise Cornell (Lois Maxwell), the leader of a race-fixing gang, is indeed trying to make a profit and clarifies that she never tried to kill Brett: she simply bribes people to lose. Danny tells her that her henchman confessed everything in writing and that she better run away.

Back home with Carrie, Brett stumbles upon yet another warning hanging on his front door: a funeral wreath that reads “tomorrow.” Later, while Carrie is out researching where Jenkins lives, Brett and Danny receive a telegram from her giving them an address. They go there immediately. However, when Carrie shows up at the apartment, she finds the note and worries: she never sent it.

Sincerely yours: how does it end?
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At Jenkins, Danny and Brett realize they’ve been tricked. Jenkins (John Cairney) is there, disfigured and almost catatonic, and Brett tries to interrogate him, while Danny goes exploring. Brett later finds his partner knocked out in a barn: the duo is then locked up there.


There, the culprit is revealed. He looks like two drops of water to Jenkins… but without the burns on his face: he’s his twin brother and he wants revenge. He threatens them, gun in hand and acid under his elbow. Brett and Danny then lead a fierce fight against their adversary before finally winning.

Sincerely yours: how does it end?
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Finally, it’s race day. Brett competes freely and… even wins the trophy! Everyone celebrates their victory as a young woman in a yellow jumpsuit, which reads “Joe”, catches Danny’s eye. He questions her: she was hired by Brett as a mechanic. Danny then suspects her of not knowing what she is doing: he is right. He takes the young blonde by the arm and goes to her side. End of Sincerely yours.

Sincerely yours: how does it end?

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