Simon Coleman on France 2: what is the police comedy worth with Jean-Michel Tinivelli (Alice…

France 2 broadcasts this Wednesday “Simon Coleman”, a series pilot with Jean-Michel Tinivelli as a cop who is entrusted with the custody of his nephews after the death of his sister. Mixture of detective and family comedy, is the recipe winning?

What is it about ?

A Parisian cop specializing in undercover missions, Simon Coleman is given custody of his nephews after the brutal death of his sister and brother-in-law in a tragic accident. Forced to move to the south of France to take care of three children, will this hitherto unattached bachelor manage to bend to a tidy family life and find his bearings in a provincial police station?

Wednesday June 15 at 9:10 p.m. on France 2

Who is it with?

Just a few months after quittingAlice Nevers after twenty years of existence, Jean-Michel Tiniveliaka Marquand, is already making a comeback on the small screen with Simon Colemana new TV movie in which he is the star and which is intended to become a series if successful.

Facing him is the actress Raphaëlle Agogueseen in As a leader, The passengeror Deadly on Netflix, which plays Audrey Castillon, the police captain with whom Simon will have to team up as part of his new assignment in Aix-en-Provence. While Ted Etienne (barbecue) and Alika Del Sol (Sat, Here it all starts) respectively lend their features to Lieutenant Cyril Langlois and Commissioner Gaëlle Leclerc.

Lilie Sussfeld, Romane Libertyand Noam Kourdourli the hero’s nephews are camped out. And guests such as Jeremy Banster (Such a Great Sun) or Elodie Varlet and Bruce Tessore of More beautiful life complete the cast at the level of the detective plot.

Simon coleman on france 2: what is the police comedy worth with jean-michel tinivelli (alice...
Francois Lefebvre – FTV – JLA

Raphaëlle Agogué, Jérémy Banster, and Jean-Michel Tinivelli in Simon Coleman

Well worth a look ?

Whether tinged with romance or family intrigue, as in Tandem and Face to faceor whether they are worn by colorful characters at the HPI or at the Candice Renoirdetective comedies are more than ever on the rise on French television.

It is in this already well-provided context (and it is certainly not over given the tidal wave caused by HPI on the audience side) that Simon Coleman arrives on France 2, who was initially intended for France 3 .

Created by Alexandra Echkenazi and Thomas Perrierwho worked on Josephine, guardian angel and Camping paradisethis unit skilfully mixes all the codes of the genre and looks at itself with pleasure, without revolutionizing much.

Chaotic family life, mismatched duo of cops, heroes with humor and devastating charm… it’s all there. And lovers of French detective fiction should find their account there. Especially since this new fiction can count on the charisma and talent of Jean-Michel Tinivelli, who is extremely comfortable in this lighter register, who does not skimp on the moments of comedy and the replies that fuse.

Simon coleman on france 2: what is the police comedy worth with jean-michel tinivelli (alice...
Francois Lefebvre – FTV – JLA

Jean-Michel Tinivelli and Lilie Sussfeld in Simon Coleman

Because if, on paper, we could worry about seeing the 55-year-old actor play a cop again after 14 seasons spent investigating alongside Marine Delterme in Alice Nevers, Simon Coleman quickly stands out from Fred Marquand and turns out to be much more “feel good” and endearing.

Beyond the performance of his main actor, the real strength of Simon Coleman lies in his family aspect and in this family “composed in adversity” that we see born during this introductory episode.

The sequences where Simon has to deal with the escapades of a child, a pre-teen, and a teenager are well seen and often lend themselves to laughter. And seeing this single cop, who has always refused the slightest attachment, struggling somehow with this new life of “uncle hen

As is often the case in this kind of fiction, it is all the same a pity that the detective plot is not more original and memorable (this is about the death of a man suspected of being responsible for the attack, filmed in video, of a young woman in a hotel room).

The dynamic that is created within the police station between Simon and his new colleagues is however interesting and the viewer comes out of this TV movie with the desire to know how things will evolve between his partner Audrey Castillon and him. And what awaits him in his eventful life as uncle.

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