Signed Cat’s Eyes: are the thieves arrested at the end of the cartoon? …

The Cat’s Eyes heroines of a play? This is the program of the last episode of the anime “Signed Cat’s Eyes”. But have you seen it?

Today’s girl, children of form, We love to laugh and dance !” Signed Cat’s Eyes is a cartoon adapted from the eponymous manga signed Tsukasa Hojo. Created in 1983 in Japan, it was broadcast from 1986 on FR3. Widely broadcast from 2004, the series has marked several generations of viewers.

It is the story of three sisters Tam, Alex and Sylia who work at the Cat’s Eye café during the day, and are burglars at night, recovering the works that previously belonged to their father, who disappeared in strange circumstances. They always sign their burglaries by leaving a card… But how do their nocturnal adventures end?

The last episode is the 73rd in the series and the 37th in season 2. Entitled Lifting the Veil in VF and The Play in VO, it begins with Sylia and Tam contemplating their next target: a brooch containing a superb diamond. This is the moment that Alex chooses to come in and tell them that she has written a play.

Signed Cats Eyes are the thieves arrested at the end

Alex presents his play to Tam and Sylia

At first interested, the two sisters realize that the youngest of the family has written a play entitled Cat’s or the robbery of charm, inspired by their lives, and which will be played. Alex asks his sisters to interpret their own role and they will act as consultants for Alex, who will direct the play.

When night falls, Sylia and Tam infiltrate to steal the brooch. But the case is complex, because the object is kept in a safe hidden behind a mirror. They suddenly have an idea: they convince Alex to have Javote Founiac, owner of the brooch and former high school student, play in his play.

The story coincidentally requires a diamond to be stolen, and not only is Javote flattered to be offered a role, but she also agrees to have her diamond brooch used in the performance.

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Jvote convinced by Alex

Quentin, Tam’s boyfriend, negotiates a role in the play, since in the end the police arrest Cat’s Eyes, which he never actually managed to do in real life. His superior, commissioner Bruno, agrees, thinking that this will improve the image of the police.

For her part, Tamara had a replica of the brooch made in order to proceed with an exchange. On the day of the performance, however, Javote takes everyone by surprise by sporting not a brooch but a ring with a diamond. The Cat’s Eyes plan therefore falls through, until Sylia has an idea, but she does not reveal it to the viewer.

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The Cat’s Eyes plan falls through!

On stage, the play continues, recounting how Quentin will lose his job if he fails to stop the Cat’s Eyes before their next misdeed or the fact that he has forced himself to marry Tam only when he would have put Cat’s Eyes under lock and key. Behind the scenes, to adapt to the “surprise of Javote, Alex rewrites in disaster so that the plan of her sisters works. Then, hidden on stage, she whispers the new lines to her actors.

The plot of the play (and therefore the plan of the Cat’s Eyes) is now that Javote Founiac’s maid, Marie-Laure, is actually an undercover Cat’s Eyes! Quentin tries to stop her, but realizes it’s his girlfriend Tam. He gives up putting her behind bars and gives his superior his resignation, in order to live his life, his love story. At this moment, Tam denounces herself so that Quentin keeps his job, which he loves above all else.

1662746080 397 Signed Cats Eyes are the thieves arrested at the end

Tam and Quentin

Except that in a last twist, Javote notices that she still has her diamond ring on her finger and thus, refuses to believe that Tam is Cat’s Eyes since nothing was stolen from her. The young woman is therefore released and Quentin reinstated in the police. End of the piece.

The episode ends with the commissioner noting that the diamond ring worn by Javote during the play is in fact a copy and that Cat’s Eyes has once again succeeded! The identity of the thieves is always guaranteed, as for Quentin, he goes back to work.

1662746080 743 Signed Cats Eyes are the thieves arrested at the end

Cat’s Eyes Last Shot

Unfortunately for the fans, it’s the end of the series: the Chamade sisters will never find their father on screen and this last episode is sorely lacking in action compared to the rest of the series. Shame.

The series is available in full on the platform DNA.

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