Signature Kitchen Suite’s Under-Counter Refrigerator with Drawers

Signature Kitchen Suite can be described as a manufacturer of built-in appliances powered by modern technology. From cooktops and ovens to refrigerators and wine columns, the company offers different kinds of products; however, we are going to put our focus on its under-counter drawer refrigerator.

As built-in refrigerators create a neat and clean look by fitting flush against walls, the Napa valley-based Signature Kitchen Suite under-countertop fridge is also designed to fit flush with cabinet and counter. The fridge components are installed inside the drawers and look like they were a part of the cabinetry when closed.

This 24-inch under-counter convertible refrigerator/freezer has two ingenious drawers that can be set at six temperature modes. Each refrigerator drawer can be converted as per an individual’s need. You can choose between Pantry (10°C), Fridge (from 2°C to 6°C), Bar (from 0°C to 1°C), Fish (-1°C), Meet (-2°C), or Freezer (from -21°C to -15°C) modes. The fridge has metal interiors and an inverter linear compressor that helps minimize temperature fluctuations.

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The appliance is Wi-Fi enabled and can be connected to the home network to control it remotely.‎ It is enabled for SmartThinQ Control with iOS/Android app.‎ Furthermore, the refrigerator has a decibel level of around 39 dBA and is an ENERGY STAR-certified appliance.

As visible in the pictures, the controls and display are over the top drawer. It would be pretty easy to operate the fridge drawers.

You can choose precise temperatures according to the item you are keeping in the fridge drawer. The overall design is purposeful, which makes it a part of your kitchen design. It’s not a standard appliance placed in some corner of your home but rather a hallmark of modern technology and pure elegance.

Signature Kitchen Suite under-counter drawer refrigerator_ full photo
Image: Signature Kitchen Suite
Signature Kitchen Suite under-counter drawer refrigerator
Image: Signature Kitchen Suite
Signature Kitchen Suite under-counter drawer refrigerator_drawer
Image: Signature Kitchen Suite

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