Shy’m and Lucie Lucas reunited in a detective series shot in Cannes with a star of…

La Croisette will host the filming of the Cannes Confidential series with Shy’m (Profiling), Lucie Lucas (Clem) and Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica). The cast went to the CANNESERIES festival to reveal more about this project.

Shy'm and lucie lucas reunited in a detective series shot in cannes with a star of...

There are not only series screenings in Cannes, there are also film shoots! This is the news of the day on the Croisette, a series entitled Cannes Confidential will be filmed very soon in the city. And it will have for main actors Tamara Marthe alias Shy’m (Profiling), Lucie Lucas (Clem) and Jamie Bamber (Battlestar Galactica).

Present at the CANNESERIES festival, the trio took advantage of the festivities to announce this long-standing project, which had to be put on hold due to the health crisis. Met for the occasion, Tamara Marthe and Jamie Bamber gave us some information on this large-scale project, shot in English and then dubbed into French by the actors themselves.

In the vein of Friendly Yours

With inspirations from Amicalement votre, La La Land or La main au collet by Alfred Hitchcock, Cannes Confidential will follow the investigations of two police officers, Léa (Tamara Marthe) and Camille (Lucie Lucas). The duo will be constantly disturbed by a mysterious and funny criminal called Harry, who will prove to be a precious help for the young women in their investigations. But he will also have deeper dynamics with them and their personal life journeys.

The first who was approached and who was in contact with Patrick Nebout, the producer and CEO of Dramacorp, for this series was Jamie Bamber, who speaks excellent French and whose mother lives near Cannes. He was able to read the script two years ago and he was directly seduced by his character Harry, a kind of mysterious gentleman burglar, as he told us in an interview:

“He’s a little bit different character from the others I’ve played recently. He’s charming and carefree even if he has a criminal side. And he has a very strong sense of humor, quite biting. And that is also its part of mystery that attracted me.”

For her part, Tamara Marthe became aware of the project a year ago and met Jamie to pass tests. What pleased the actress is the ambition and modernity of the project: “The character of Jamie, casual, always arriving out of nowhere, who brings this humorous dimension to these police investigations is a rather rare bias in French detective series. And there was also a real promise on the series which was different from what I had been able to see here, on the realization and on the writing, which come out of the established codes.”

A detective series focused on action and its settings

For the staging, Camille Delamarre was chosen because of her experiences in cinema and action series. He directed episodes of the series The Transporter and the film The Transporter: The Legacy, he was also an editor on Taken 2, among others. For Cannes Confidential, there will be a good dose of action promised by Tamara Marthe, who had a shock training:

“Lucy [Lucas] and I play two policewomen. We had physical, self-defense and combat training. We had different training because Lucie is really more technical and I will be a less academic police officer, more comfortable in the field. It was quite new for me but very playful and impressive to realize the work, the choreographies and the scenes of shooting pure action scenes.”

Shy'm and lucie lucas reunited in a detective series shot in cannes with a star of...

Tamara Marthe and Jamie Bamber at Canneseries.

The series will have a particular investigation per episode but will also have a whole narrative red thread during the six episodes which will really connect Harry to young women, in particular Camille (Lucie Lucas), as Jamie Bamber explained: “There’s a big storyline about Camille and her dad, who was a police chief in Cannes, but is in jail now because he’s been arrested for corruption. So she’s looking for the truth and Harry will be a great help .”

Even if La Croisette will be one of the key places in the series, the idea is also to highlight the charm and the less bling bling of Cannes, according to Jamie Bamber: “It’s part of the theme, the hidden aspect of this very, very famous city. It’s a bit of a metaphor for the character of Harry, what he shows of himself and what he hides. There, we will show the glitter side of Cannes but also the more confidential part, precisely as the title indicates.

Filming for Cannes Confidential starts in three weeks in Cannes and will last three months until the end of July. Six episodes are planned for this first season, whose broadcaster has not yet been revealed. But the scale of the series should also see it exported across platforms.

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