Shrill, Dietland, This Is Us ... 7 series that deal with overweight each in their own way - News Séries à la TV

Shrill, Dietland, This Is Us … 7 series that deal with overweight each in their own way – News Séries à la TV

While Shrill resumes on Canal + for a third and final season, return to these series which have dealt with overweight with more or less success. With the collaboration of Jean-Maxime Renault.


Shrill – so positive

Young overweight woman, Annie wants to change her life but not her body. In her daily life, she fights to become a journalist and finds herself confronted with marriage problems, sick parents and a perfectionist boss..

Performed by the brilliant Aidy Bryant, from Saturday Night Live, Annie is curvy and lives very well with it. It is the rest of society that seems to be struggling with it. A follower of body positivism, Annie leads her life despite the stupidity of others. Shrill deconstructs grossophobic clichés step by step to annihilate them completely and succeeds in transcending the term “fat” to no longer make it an insult. A series feel good on self-acceptance but also on the acceptance of others in all their forms.


Unstable – so controversial

A disgraced lawyer converted into a beauty pageant coach takes a victimized teenage girl in search of revenge as a client. He then ignores everything about the monster he is about to free …

Launched on a controversy deeming it grossophobic, based solely on the trailer at the time, Insatiable is in reality nothing grossophobic, it is above all very clumsy. This very offbeat satire which is far from being unanimous does not make the past overweight of its heroine a real subject, preferring to focus on other related themes and especially on other characters.

Tina Rowden / Netflix

Diary of an extraordinary teenager – so 90’s

The life of Rae, an obese 16 year old teenager, in the 1990s. Very playful, despite the presence of a very eccentric mother, the young girl is eager to live her life, to discover love and … to get laid !

If the obesity of the heroine of My Mad Fat Diary (in original version) is obviously a subject, and that it is serious, dark, difficult, there is also a question of adolescence in its entirety in a bright tone, feel good, with a soundtrack which connects it wonderfully to the 90s. A nice way to bet on nostalgia while playing the card of universality. The English comedy lasted 3 seasons, broadcast here on France 4.

Rory lindsay

Dietland – so feminist

Plum Kettle, negro for one of New York’s most renowned fashion editors, struggles with her extra pounds and the stare of others. As she prepares to undergo a surgical operation supposed to change her life, her world will be turned upside down by the appearance of a feminist terrorist organization which violently targets men around her boss …

In Dietland, the reflection around the body of the woman in our society, mysoginie, patriarchy and even the culture of rape, is resolutely feminist and radical, militant, certainly sometimes digging too, but anchored like no other in its time and in news post- # MeToo. The hour of revolt has come for the heroine Plum, as men accused of sexual assault and left unpunished by the courts mysteriously disappear. A powerful narrative that stands out from all the rest.

Patrick Harbron / AMC

Seven teenagers from different backgrounds are sent to a camp to help them lose weight. It is by losing weight that they will discover who they really are by learning about life for the first time, in search of friendship, love and self-esteem …

Created by screenwriter Winnie Holzman, to whom we owe the Angela jewel, 15 years old, the Huge series, which aired in 2010 on ABC Family, starred Nikki Blonsky (Hairspray) as the sarcastic Will, who was forcibly sent by his parents to Camp Victory for overweight teens. It only lasted one season but it had the merit of being the first teen series to take a massive interest in these characters usually neglected, or presented in the background, and will have touched the hearts of a few aficionados thanks to its sensitivity and relevance.

ABC Family

Mike & Molly – so funny

Mike and Molly are a couple struggling with their weight issues. Once a week, they visit the Anonymous Big Eaters, where they met. If Mike feels the urge to lose weight, encouraged by his best mate, Molly feels good about himself and takes her weight … lightly. The only downside: she lives with her sister, a slim sexy bombshell who doesn’t make her life easier, and her mother who doesn’t have her tongue in her pocket.

20 years after Roseanne, who had been a shock and a considerable success, Chuck Lorre (Big Bang Theory) gives voice to an obese couple in the sitcom Mike & Molly. Not as strong and committed as its predecessor, it had the merit of revealing the immense comic talents of Melissa McCarthy, who exploded in the cinema in parallel, and allowed, for 6 seasons, to show that a romantic comedy could also be s’ embody through extraordinary characters without the audience turning their backs on him. Balèze!

Warner Bros. Television

Bonus: This Is Us – so sensitive

We also obviously think of This Is Us, one of the most beautiful plots of which concerns the character of Kate, who fights against her demons, in particular her obesity, and that told in a delicate and sensitive way, showing all the aspects and also all the contradictions.

Ron Batzdorff / NBC

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