Shrek 3: 12 details hidden in the movie

Return on the third installment of the adventures of the green ogre (available on Netflix), and on all the winks which are hidden inside.

A nasty Little Red Riding Hood, a reference to Monty Python, a James Bond song and Snow White’s favorite Dwarf … Back to the third installment of Shrek’s adventures (available on Netflix) and all the winks , references, hidden details and other easter eggs present in the animated film …

Reference to … “Freshwater cadet”

DreamWorks Animation

From the first minutes of Shrek the third, as Prince Charming makes a fool of himself on a theater stage, the shot in which a cardboard tower falls on him and almost crushes him is a direct reference to one of the most famous sequences in silent cinema. The one where Buster Keaton, in the legendary 1928 Freshwater Cadet, also passed through the skylight of a house facade.


DreamWorks Animation

Among the adornments that adorn the headboards of Shrek and Fiona, we can see that the former residences of the two ogres are depicted just above their skulls. Indeed, while Fiona is wearing an emblem representing a glorious castle, Shrek seems to have inherited a crest bearing the effigy of his old swamp.

Reference to … Dumb and Dumber

DreamWorks Animation

Now married and acting rulers of Far Hold (while King Harold is gravely ill), Shrek and Fiona must undergo a small makeover before they can take on their new duties. The opportunity to offer them a session of hair removal, manicure and makeup modeled on that which Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels underwent before going to the ball in Dumb and Dumber.

It’s in the box !

DreamWorks Animation

After taking his last breath (on several occasions), King Harold – who ended his existence in his frog form – is honored with a funeral worthy of his reign over the kingdom of Far Stronghold. Only small detail a little demeaning for him: his coffin is a shoebox. The opportunity for directors to slip a little nod to the famous Foot Locker brand.

Live And Let Die

DreamWorks Animation

Also during the funeral of the Frog King, a choir formed by several other amphibians pays a last tribute to the sovereign by performing Live And Let Die. This legendary Beatles song is notably famous for having served as the credits (and title) for the 8th installment of the James Bond saga, Live and Let Die.

Questionable specialties

DreamWorks Animation

When Prince Charming makes his comeback at the Taverne de la Pomme Poisonnée, where all the bad guys from fairy tales roam, we can see several signs advertising the culinary specialties offered by the establishment. Among these snacks with atrocious names, we find spicy dragon wings, crispy children’s fingers or even pickled eyeballs.

Evil Red Riding Hood

DreamWorks Animation

Also at the Taverne de la Pomme Poisonnée, reserved for the bad guys, we can also note that Little Red Riding Hood is part of the clientele. This makes sense, given that the Big Bad Wolf is one of Shrek’s allies. On the other hand, the little girl seems to have ordered the same bottle of milk as Puss in Boots in the second installment of the saga, always accompanied by a caricature by Antonio Banderas.


DreamWorks Animation

When Shrek, Donkey and Puss in Boots arrive at the Academy of Worcestershire to pick up Arthur Pendragon, we can observe that in the courtyard of the establishment, two students consume illicit substances in a cart that looks like a hippie bus. This shot is also a direct reference to the film It Heats Up at Ridgemont High School with Sean Penn and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

The toad and the horse

DreamWorks Animation

When Fiona, Queen Lillian and the other princesses try to escape Prince Charming’s henchmen through the dungeons of Far Stronghold, they take a secret passage. To access it, Fiona must push the statue of a horse, whose rump is then found on the lips of the Frog King. No doubt a little joke of the architects who designed the plans for the castle …

Reference to … Monty Python

DreamWorks Animation

Centered on the Arthurian gesture, like Sacré Graal, this third part of the adventures of Shrek reserves several nods to the legendary Monty Python. In addition to the coconuts imitating the gallop of a horse from the first scene of the film, we can also notice that John Cleese and Eric Idle (two members of the Monty Python) respectively lend their voices to Harold and Merlin.

Reference to … Mary Poppins and La Mélodie du Bonheur

DreamWorks Animation

After having kicked down two walls, Queen Lillian, a little stunned, furtively hums the melodies of the songs A Piece of Sugar and My Daily Joys. Normal, since her vocal interpreter Julie Andrews is notably famous for having played Mary Poppins and Maria in La Mélodie du Bonheur.

Snow White’s Favorite Dwarf

DreamWorks Animation

When the princesses take action and Snow White tears off her sleeves, one can note on her arm the presence of a tattoo in the shape of a heart, accompanied by the name Dopey, that is to say Dopey in the original version. . Could this be a clue to her favorite little one among the 7 Dwarves?

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