US wants to see a very clear commitment “from Brazil to battle against the law of deforestation in the Amazon ahead to the April 22 summit of world leaders assembled in Bidens with the developer, a spokesperson Department of State told CNN this week.” We believe the real Brazil to achieve real deforestation in the smaller end of the 2021 season of fire, “he said.
However, the Brazilian entrepreneurs a coalition of 198 civil society, including indigenous and environmental advocates, but warns not to trust US President environmental matters. The patent letter released Tuesday that the groups described Bolsonaro Amazon’s “defeat” and fulfill his own, he would show them to be derived by deforestation.

“We expect concrete solutions to the Amazon to the closed-door stem from an enterprise point at its worst,” reads the letter, which is the US government. “Council will help Brazil must be built from attending public meetings with civil society, subnational governments, academia, and all of the local communities who do not know the forest and keep the goods and services concept.”

“That speaks no deforestation has slashed rates to move forward to the Brazil national level is needed in the climate change and the environmental conditions of the certificate to the string of setbacks for the Congress is withdrawn,” the letter said.

Foreign Ministry in a statement that the US and Brazil are Brazil told CNN’s “bilateral cooperation stir studying the possibility ‘on deforestation and classroom discussions and” essentially intergovernmental “. The Brazilian Ministry of works that do not respond to a request for comment.

Deforestation in Amazon

Bolsonaro administration’s efforts to protect the Amazon until now that easily can be said that the critics refer to his record in charge of the environmental purpose of which will be infringed. In December, deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon – illegal land, often because of the defense business – surged to the highest levels in 12 years.
The Brazilian president said the forest must be protected and passed on many executive orders that effect. However, at this very time, exhorting the other that of the industrial development, is guilty of defunded agencies, to prevent illegal logging, ranching, the mines, and went backward, and to the laws of, as it were, the oil and gas industries, in which the future is to be drawn to legalize the lands of the native-born.
Amazon does not have more than the loss of the repercussions of the global. How the world’s largest rainforest, which is vital to change the air defense. The encroachment of human activity in wild places like the Amazon is linked to the spread of the disease as new Covid-19.
Brendan women & # 39;  He says the federal prosecutor's group raided by illegal miners
Biden has shown a keen awareness of the forest’s importance to the planet’s health, vowing to the campaign trail year to mobilize a global effort to pressure Brazil to protect the Amazon, of which $ 20 billion of carrot Brazil to stop tearing down the forest “- – or economic face consequences. Bolsonaro, fans Biden is opposed Donald Trump then capture the evil Biden denounce the “greed” that he refused reporting that Amazon ‘present’ or ‘threats. ”

Things have changed since Biden is the chairman. “Negotiating teams of the two countries have come together and ability to enhance the overall understanding of the need of the Amazon biome law and the fight against deforestation, among other things,” the Brazilian Foreign Ministry told CNN.

“Dialogue progress steadily in areas of Brazilian interest to financing and technical collaboration deforestation in the Amazon region of actions to combat new information,” he added.

US sees the country as a vital partner for mitigating climate change consulate and a peaceful global emissions, the State Department spokesperson said that “supporting and encouraging Brazil’s actions to reduce deforestation and locked in a pathway leads to a strong net zero, bananas future” is “the key focus” Biden administration .

12 years deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon high crowd

Doing so will require “solutions that include local state engagement, including traditional and aboriginal communities, as well as new technologies, overcoming the approach of providing incentives,” the spokesperson said.

But according to some environmental Brazil cautions. According astrina Martius, head of the environmental network Climate prospect, and signed the protest letter, I’ve been in the dark about what the US and Brazil are already contemplating. “We are really concerned about what’s already been negotiated and what the bases of the agreement?” Astrina said.

He also said that the government has not spent a Bolsonaro existing squander funds earmarked for fighting deforestation and expressed doubt that additional money is put to good use.
In a recent interview with the newspaper O Estado de Sao Paulo, Brazilian minister developer Richard Salles proposed $ 1 billion environmental resources to a hypothetical two-thirds of the new foreign aid fund for economic development activities in the Amazon region. That the third, so that one decides to remain behind deforestation.

US is not to be wondered at, if the offer for the money, the sky, with the cooperation of Brazil. Nor the State Department nor the White House responded to requests for comment about Salles been.

Reporting attention from CNN’s charnm Flora, Shasta Darlington, and Ivan Kottasova.

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