She’s helping health care workers during the pandemic by redesigning the hijab

She’s helping health care workers during the pandemic by redesigning the hijab

This is one of more than 10 years of work to which the incident Ibrahim pleasure Park Nicollet Health Services in her hometown of London, and inspired her to design headscarves to meet the unique needs of the healthcare industry.

“I could not find in a headscarf, that it must be important to sustainability was that it was fair,” he told CNN. “Everyone does that have anything to do.”

Ibrahim: 25: and the founder of the CEO and president of the citizens upon the princes, and Hijabs. This habit started headwear company after graduating from high school.

While working in the hospital, and when he saw her, be patient with the employee for his work, to replace the hijab, free choice of lodging was not white only to boast about it.

19-hit with Covid, Ibrahim, said her hospital co-workers feared they wore hijabs can carry around a sick families.

“In addition to physical stress of movement and those of the way it’s done, health care Mohammedan doctors do not think I am going to bring this to me? ”

Ibrahim said that she could consult and nurses and physicians counsel, and there is no difference in the size and cut the very opposite. In addition to being large enough to cover the region of the v-cut collars, scrubs most were left exposed; Ibrahim of the linen garments among themselves, and they have done to herself, surely it is not great is that they got in the way.

“We do not have the labor and nurses, where the patients who volunteered to pull Hijab. I wanted to make sure that there must be efficiency, and also holds the material does not need to pin”.

That so many hijabs hospitals chose to wear a pair the colors of Ibrahim, who is also the color of the garment as it were, on behalf of the fleet of the blue, and burgundy.

As long as the Muslim hijabs designed for the women, and to Ibrahim, who come from other places in the mind, she did not come, they would exclude backgrounds.

“We do not have to purchase a large base History is the best product, but also cares for patients who are either setting, cancer patients, patients who are Orthodox Jews and Sikh to wear this scarf.”

When the citizens upon the princes, and all these October launched the line of the last Hijabs, as though they had freely given to the cares of hijabs, Minnesota 1,000 hospitals.

During the orders came from the earth, Ibrahim said: “I am truly humbled by the response that favor and every occasion.”

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