She Won’t Split the Rent With Her Boyfriend. Is She a Jerk?

Things can get pretty complicated when it comes to finances between couples…

Especially when it comes to young couples…

So is this young woman an a**hole for refusing to split the rent with her boyfriend?

Check out this story and see for yourself.

“I (F23) have been dating my boyfriend “Jake” (M23) since our freshmen year of college.

In our last year of undergrad, we decided to rent an apartment together. We split everything 50/50, including utilities, groceries, and rent. We continued living together in the same town as our college after graduation, but recently, we both got jobs in Chicago and we are currently living downtown.

My dad works in real estate, and he has multiple investment properties. My dad generously allowed me to live in one of his properties rent free, but he said that my boyfriend would have to pay him $400 a month for rent. My dad is very protective, but he has been nothing but kind to my boyfriend.

My dads reasoning for making my boyfriend pay rent is that he wants to be sure that my boyfriend is with me for me, and not because he will have a free place to live. (Keep in mind, if my dad was renting this apartment out to tenants, he would charge $2100 a month for rent. Very ritzy building in the middle of downtown Chicago).

My boyfriend is mad at me because he asked me for my half of the $400 for rent, and I explained to him that I will not be paying rent. My dad is only charging him. He says that we have been splitting rent for the past 2 years so why would we stop now?

Our rent in our college town was $1200, so we were both paying $600 a month. Our apartment in Chicago is significantly nicer and he is paying $200 less a month than what he was in college.

Is the idea that my DAD doesn’t charge me for rent, but charges my boyfriend so crazy? Should I suck it up and pay half because I can afford it?”

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This individual said she’s NTA and they had some advice about how she should handle this.

She Wont Split the Rent With Her Boyfriend Is She

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Another Reddit user agreed and said her BF sounds pretty entitled.

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Another person said that the woman’s dad is making his daughter see what her BF is really like.


1664573929 670 She Wont Split the Rent With Her Boyfriend Is She

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