She Won’t Let Her Cousin Get Married at the Family Summer House for Free. Is She Wrong?

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“Okay so I am looking for outside opinions here, I can preface with the idea that I don’t think I am an a**hole here.

My partner however thinks it’s a difficult situation and thought this would be a good idea, since she lurks here all the time and a lot of the responses are good. Also not native English speaker.

So I am 28 year old woman, I am gay (important to the story). Now my mother is a single mother, she comes from a big conservative christian family. My mom was easily the black sheep, she had me at 16 which in itself was a big issue for my grandfather. We lived with my grandparents until my mother at age 25 came out as gay.

That was the limit for my grandfather and he disowned my mother and my mom cut all contact with her family.Now my grandparents were rich, not extreme but they had a lot of money. Especially a big “summerhouse” I say that but it is a really big house with beautiful scenery, next to a beautiful lake.

It was laid down by my grandfather’s father and has since been improved upon and renovated. It has been somewhat of a family retreat where all my uncles, aunts and cousins visit regularly during the summer. I visited twice when I was younger and I loved it.

Sadly when covid hit my grandfather and my mother sadly passed away. Now this made my grandmother reach out to me, and I liked that. she wanted to make it up as much as she could. Sadly last year she passed away as well. She left token sums to all her children and grandchildren, but in compensation she also left me the summer house. I made it into an AirBnB, and I’ve been making -alot- of cash from it.

Obviously this made the rest of my family furious because they could no longer visit during the summer (prime season). But again I don’t know them or my cousins.

Here is where I might be the a**hole: My aunt reached out to me the other week telling me (not asking) that her daughter had planned to have her wedding there next summer. She has been dreaming of it since she was a child and apparently it’s the designated family wedding spot. The house has been hired out for weddings before since there is room for a venue and lots of rooms for guests to stay over.

Now I told my aunt that was not possible because the week she wanted to have her wedding was already booked, but I said if she wanted a different date she could put down the deposit for what I charge for a wedding and book a different date.

Now she was furious and asked if I was serious in actually charging my family to have their wedding there, and I just said I didn’t know them, have not met them in person since I was like 6 and yes I would because weddings bring in alot of money.

Her family has been blowing up my phone and social media calling me an a**hole.


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One person said she’s NTA and that she doesn’t owe these people anything.

She Wont Let Her Cousin Get Married at the Family

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Another Reddit user also said she’s NTA and maybe this would have happened if her aunt wasn’t so rude.

1665948512 694 She Wont Let Her Cousin Get Married at the Family

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And this individual said she needs to hold her ground on this one.

1665948514 607 She Wont Let Her Cousin Get Married at the Family

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