She Won’t Give Her Sister Milk To Feed Her Baby Anymore. Is She Wrong?

No more breast milk for you!

I can honestly say that I’ve never heard anyone say that in my whole life…

But there’s a first time for everything!

And today we’re got a doozy of a story to enjoy from Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page.

Let’s take a look…

“I (28F) had a stillbirth 5 weeks ago.

My sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy 4 weeks ago. After my stillbirth, I was producing milk and pumping, and my sister couldn’t breastfeed after her son was born. Formula shortage was awful and I was literally throwing my milk away, so I offered it to my sister and she gladly accepted.

I was advised by the doctors to pump for 3 weeks after the stillbirth to prevent problems for me, and then stop, otherwise I’d just keep producing milk. Due to the formula shortage, I have been pumping for 5 weeks now, to give the milk to my sister. Now that there is more formula in stock and she has been able go buy it, I told her I’ll stop pumping.

She told me her son has stomach problems after the formula and asked me to keep pumping. I told her I emotionally cannot handle it any longer. She said I am being selfish and she already has to feed her son by bottle (because she at first suggested I’d just nurse him for his daily feedings at least – we live next door, and I refused).

I told her I’m sorry and I can pump for a few more days so she can put some in the freezer and have some back up until she finds a better formula for her son, but she said breast milk is healthiest and I should just help her out.

She called me a selfish AH and said that I am the embodiment of ‘misery loves company’. My mother feels I should help my own sister out. My husband said my sister is way out of line. I feel really awful because I could still help her out and I know she needs it.”

Now take a look at what Reddit users had to say about this.

One person said she’s NTA and that her husband is right on the money about this one.

She Wont Give Her Sister Milk To Feed Her Baby

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And this individual said this isn’t a NEED, but a WANT.

1662621597 453 She Wont Give Her Sister Milk To Feed Her Baby

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Another Reddit user said she’s NTA and that her sister doesn’t realize how selfless she was.

1662621598 885 She Wont Give Her Sister Milk To Feed Her Baby

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