She Told Her Sister She Won’t Eat Her Food. Was She Wrong?

If you refuse to eat someone’s food, anyone’s food, you know there might be some issues.

And we got a doozy of a story for you from the “Am I the A**hole?” page on Reddit!

Take a look at this story and see if you think this woman is being a jerk for refusing to eat her sister’s food.

“My (42F) sister (35F) has always prided herself on being a perfect housewife. She has two kids in middle school and stays home taking care of them and her five dogs.

Her husband is the breadwinner of the family so she focuses on chores, cooking, child care, etc. The one thing my sister prides herself on the most is her cooking. She’s always experimenting with new dishes and loves cooking for other people. The issue is, not only is she not as good as she thinks, she is also extremely unhygienic.

She always has her (very long) hair down, never washes her hands, lets her dogs in the kitchen, you get the point. Our family often tells her how great her cooking is but I just can’t stomach it knowing how she cooks. I’ll always make an excuse when invited over like I’m too busy or I’m not hungry, which usually works as I do work a very tiring job.

Last night I was invited over to dinner to celebrate her husband’s promotion and it was one of the times I couldn’t refuse. The kitchen and dining room are open so I could see everything she was doing from my spot at the table. Not only was her hair down and she was cooking in a very large knit sweater, I also watched her stick her fingers in pans then lick them and pick up her dachshund and carry him around the kitchen.

At one point she even set the dog on the counter with the cutting board so she could grab something and he took advantage to start eating the hamburger meat that was laying out. I was so disgusted I had to try hard not to gag.

Obviously, I didn’t eat during dinner and just tried to make small talk but of course, she noticed. When asked why I wasn’t eating I tried to make excuses like I wasn’t hungry before giving in and saying I was grossed out by the way she cooks. I said as calmly as I could that she was unhygienic and I didn’t want to risk eating food with hair in it or that she stuck her unwashed fingers in.

Well, my sister was shocked and burst into tears right then and there. She told me she worked extremely hard on these meals and that I was being insensitive. She even went as far as to say I was just jealous because I didn’t have a family to cook for since I’m single with no kids. I told her to get over herself, said I would never eat her gross food and left.

She and her husband have been texting me all night calling me an a**hole. They said I was being dramatic about the food and I really hurt her feelings, there was no hair in it and it tasted fine but how would I know because I didn’t even give her a chance. I feel bad that I hurt her feelings but she asked why I wasn’t eating and I told her the truth.

AITA for being honest?”

Now check out what Reddit users had to say.

One reader said she’s not an a**hole but that she should have told her how gross this was a long time ago.

She told her sister she won’t eat her food. Was she wrong?

Photo Credit: Reddit

Another individual said there’s no way they’d eat food prepared like this.

She told her sister she won’t eat her food. Was she wrong?

Photo Credit: Reddit

And this reader said having animals ON THE COUNTER is pretty disgusting.

She told her sister she won’t eat her food. Was she wrong?

Photo Credit: Reddit

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