She loves it on France 2 at 9 p.m .: which famous singer demanded a change of title for this film? – Cine News

She loves it on France 2 at 9 p.m .: which famous singer demanded a change of title for this film? - Cine News

“Elle adore” is broadcast this evening on France 2. On this occasion, back on an interesting anecdote about this comedy released in 2014: France Gall intervened in the change of title of the film!

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In Elle adore, Sandrine Kiberlain plays Muriel, a slightly lying esthetician who likes to tell often wacky stories. For 20 years, she has also been the first fan of the successful singer Vincent Lacroix (Laurent Lafitte). With his songs and concerts, he occupied most of his life. When one night, Vincent rings at Muriel’s door, his life turns upside down … On the occasion of the broadcast of this comedy this evening on France 2, a little feedback on his change of title required by France Gall.


Sandrine Kiberlain

The original title of the feature film was “She loves him, she adores him” and clearly referred to the lyrics of one of Michel Berger’s most famous songs, “The pianist group” ((“She loves him, she loves him more than anything, she loves him it’s beautiful as she loves him …”). But France Gall (muse and great love of Berger, she had interpreted this piece) had refused that this title be used for the film … Which was finally called “She loves it”.

The reasons for this refusal have not been made official, even if the late singer was known to be particularly reluctant to the idea that her music (and that of her husband who died in 1992) be resumed in one way or another. another. The controversy of 2013, where France Gall accused Jenifer to have taken back some of his titles (written by Michel Berger) in his album “My Declaration” without having consulted it, too.

Did you know that France Gall could have played Alice for Walt Disney?

The link of this comedy released in 2014 with the big names of the French music scene does not stop there since its director, Jeanne Herry (who stages her first film), is none other than Miou-Miou’s daughter and Julien Clerc, who was in a relationship with France Gall. The theme of the singer and his fans therefore refers a lot to what the father of the filmmaker has experienced during his career. The latter explains on this subject:

“The fans, I have known them over the years. They are often women elsewhere, respectful of the artist they admire. They are rarely in hysteria. When they go to the concert, it is with the idea of ​​pleasure, of joyous party, often in gang. I also met fans who look like Muriel, they are fewer, more lonely. They are true collectors, archivists who fill their lives with their passion.”

When it was released, Elle adore had close to 500,000 admissions in France, a rather average score. The feature film also enjoyed solid critical success and was nominated for the César in 2005 in two categories: Best first film and Best actress for Sandrine Kiberlain. These two statuettes were finally awarded to Les Combattants, directed by Thomas Cailley, and to his main actress, Adèle Haenel.

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