She is the revelation of La Traversée! Who is Lucie Charles-Alfred, a young actress with…

In theaters on June 29, La Traversée reveals several talented young actors, including Lucie Charles-Alfred, who is doing well with the role of Léa.

Realized by Soudjian variant, Crossing introduces us to Alex and Stéphanie, embodied by Lucien Jean Baptiste and Audrey Pirault. Neighborhood educators, they take five out-of-school teenagers to cross the Mediterranean and reintegrate them through the values ​​of the sea.

But arrived at the port, they come across Riton (Alban Ivanov), their skipper, a former BAC cop, who left everything to flee the suburbs. These young people are his worst nightmare.

Forced, they all find themselves embarked on the same boat for a fifteen-day sea trip. One thing is certain, after this Crossing, they will no longer have quite the same vision of the world.


This small troupe is made up of several young actors who are mostly taking their first steps in the cinema.

The director needed them to be authentic, but they also needed to be able to act out emotions, have comedy skills and be 16 years old.

“When the casting director showed us the pictures of Moncef Farfar (who plays Rayane) and told us he was eighteen, we almost refused. But in the tests, we found it captivating, touching. He immediately understood his character in relation to the figure of the father”explains Varante Soudjian.

As for Thilla Thiam, who plays Sam, the filmmaker explains that she was accompanying someone for a casting and that he offered her to take a test. According to the director, she has an incredible naturalness.

“She said yes to experience the adventure of filming, but she is determined to become a lawyer. She was exemplary, with unparalleled concentration and precision”he analyzes.

There is also the duo of friends composed of Mamari Diarra (Mahdi) and Enzo Lemartinet (Polo). They are not actors and have accepted the challenge.

“I find it incredibly courageous. Because we asked a lot of them: to be natural, funny, touching. But on a shoot, there is also the technique, the placements in relation to the light, the movements, the connections of the gestures, the text , listening to others, assimilating indications. Like the others, they are intelligent and pick up everything”explains the director.


For the role of Léa, Lucie Charles-Alfred pulls out of the game in the middle of these little comrades by his explosive game and his mischievous air. Initially, Varante Soudjian had another actress in mind.

“But the casting director showed us her essays for another role, and we were won over. She is urban, extroverted, modern, hyper-creative. She brought a breath of fresh air”enthuses the filmmaker.

She is the revelation of la traversée! Who is lucie charles-alfred, a young actress with...

Lucie Charles-Alfred

“Then she is very technical. As soon as she hears: “Action!” she is present and very generous in her acting. For the character, she has the explosiveness that we needed. She knows how to go from laughter to tears very well. in a snap of the fingers”says the artist.

The actress, who has false airs ofAdèle Exarchopoulos in the intensity of her playing and the power of her physique, recalls the beginnings of the actress in The Life of Adele. The latter exudes authenticity and sincerity.

“I can’t say I watched a lot of movies when I was younger and I still don’t see enough of them today. But I will say that it was all born in the first class at the off-contract Saint John Perse High School who saved My scolarity.

Because I chose the audiovisual-cinema specialty there with Stéphane Maître as teacher, who will become my agent.she confided to the microphone of First last January.

La Traversée only marks his second role in the cinema after Placed of Nessim Chikhaouireleased in January 2022. In this film, she gives the answer to Shain Boumedinerevealed in Mektoub My Love of Kechiche.

The young actor plays Elias. Because he has forgotten his identity card, he cannot pass the entrance exams to Sciences Po. Looking for a job while waiting to be able to present himself again, he becomes an educator in a Maison d ‘Children with a Social Character.

As for Lucie Charles-Alfred, she slips into the costume of Emma, ​​a teenager with a strong character who gives her educator a hard time. She literally bursts the screen in the costume of this character.


Soon, the young actress will share the poster with Romane Bohringer in Smallrealized by Julie Lerat-Gersant.

The story will follow Camille, who finds herself pregnant at 16. She finds herself placed in a maternal center by the children’s judge.

Weaned from a loving but toxic mother, she befriends Alison (Lucie Charles-Alfred), an immature young mother, and struggles against the authority of Nadine, an educator as passionate as she is disillusioned. These meetings will upset his destiny.

Before Placed, Lucie Charles-Alfred made her real debut in front of a camera in the TV movie The Heiressesstaged by Nolwenn Lemesle for Arte.

Alongside her cinematic adventures, the young woman had her BAC and was accepted at the Sorbonne for a history degree.

“But I didn’t have time to go! Because I’ve had the chance to work non-stop since then. First a comedy, La Traversée de Varante Soudijan with Alban Ivanov and Lucien Jean-Baptiste. Then a short film, my cam, where I play the young mother of a sick daughter.

And I’m going to chain on Bendothe series of Nawell Madani for Netflix. So I was a little overwhelmed by events but I couldn’t have dreamed of better!”she said during her interview for Première on January 12.

“From the start, I was often told to be careful with my phrasing, my suburban side, that it risked locking me into a job very quickly.

But I was lucky to be offered really different roles. And I think I have in me the will to refuse these shackles and to shatter them”concluded the young actress.


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