She-Hulk on Disney +: the quirky recap of episode 1 … the one who sees green halfway …

A new female character is entering the MCU! She-Hulk, Hulk’s cousin, has muscles but not only. She has a life, she is a lawyer and she does not intend to give it up.

Spoiler alert! This article reveals key plot elements of the first episode of She-Hulk. If you haven’t seen it and don’t want to be spoiled·e, do not read any further!

It’s time for introductions with Jennifer Walters, camped by Tatiana Maslanylawyer by day and cousin of Bruce Banner alias Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). and heroine of She-Hulk: Lawyer ! Little dance of joy to welcome a new MCU superheroine.

It starts with Jennifer looking us straight in the eye, looking serious, and asking us this question as if we were going to pass the baccalaureate philosophy test: “What is the responsibility of those with power?

We tell ourselves that we don’t really want to reread Nietzsche while watching a Marvel series, but a backward tracking shot is enough to realize that Jennifer is just rehearsing a plea in front of her colleagues. Phew… (because we didn’t have Nietzsche’s quote on power anymore, there)

Dennis would rather he be the one to do the pleading and we already want to strangle him. But Nikki (Ginger Gonzaga) his assistant and friend kicks him out and praises Jen for his wild look. It’s not very scary in real life and we don’t really see the savagery, but we also encourage it.

Nikki tells her that she just has to go into Hulk mode if her plea ever fails while they leave the office… And Jen backtracks to give us some explanations. And this time, speaking directly to us, the spectators.

Flashback. It all started on a road trip with Bruce. The two are chatting in the car when a Sakaaran vessel blocks them and causes an accident. They are injured, but not seriously. And it is by pulling Bruce out of the car that Jen receives a few drops of her cousin’s blood on a wound which causes her immediate transformation.

Pause: So now anyone can hulk with a drop of blood? Exit the scientific experiment that goes wrong? It is enormous !

She-hulk on disney +: the quirky recap of episode 1 … the one who sees green halfway …
Marvel Studios 2022

A priori the enthusiasm is not shared…

She transforms, okay. But it’s not as radical as Bruce. Basically, she is a head taller and she doubles her musculature but since she is not a bodybuilding champion at the start, she does not turn into Hulk Hogan either. Green, on the other hand, does not go unnoticed. And the grunts too, not very discreet.

She wakes up alone in the forest in the middle of the night having regained her normal form. Just with the torn clothes and the head of someone who got hit by a truck. While she finds a nearby bar and tries to make a cat toilet in the WC, a group of girls take pity on her, dress her and make her up without asking her too much for her opinion.

She finds herself with a big pink faux fur jacket that Donatella Versace would not deny. As the gentleman in pink says below:

Her saviors also lend her a phone to call Bruce and have him pick her up. In front of the bar, three toxic males start talking to her. Not in friendly mode but rather stalker. As she walks away from them and they follow her, she transforms and is about to make short work of it. But Bruce version Hulk intervenes by practicing a regulation veneer… on Jen.

When she comes to her senses, she is visibly in a place she does not know. It’s actually Bruce’s house somewhere on the edge of a heavenly beach. She finds him in the basement-turned-bunker and high-tech lab, still in Smart Hulk mode, since he broke his inhibitor bracelet in the car accident.

He gives her a little spiel about his house which is in Mexico, built and lent by Tony Stark, and a whole blabla about his transformation into She-Hulk. Big upset from Jen. It is understandable. Treated with pancakes. Always good pancakes when you have a little slack or to swallow the fact that she must isolate herself from the world to master her Hulk side.

Back in the hut lab. Bruce has the good idea to test his cousin to help her determine what triggers her transformation. And why not lock her in a jar with a wall full of circular saws jutting towards her? Hey, why not?

The experiment is successful, she goes crazy, turns green and redecorates the lab. As Bruce attempts to tame him like a wild animal, she asks him what he is doing. Good news, Jen doesn’t have a dual identity like Bruce to begin with! When she is in Hulk, she is conscious and in full possession of her mind.

There follows a little moral lesson on the responsibility incumbent on her now that she has this superhuman power and its possible deadly consequences if she does not control herself. In summary, Nietzsche version CP. The challenge of the moment: mastering one’s power. And Bruce will experiment…

Blagounettes out of bed. Tai Chi lessons. Decoration tips for Hulk-resistant apartments and fashion tips for suitable wardrobes. And it all ends up in a contest to see who is the strongest, the most talented, the most flexible. And who do you think it is? Well it’s her! And who is a bit jealous? Bruce… but he also shows him the bright side.

She-hulk on disney +: the quirky recap of episode 1 … the one who sees green halfway …
Marvel Studios 2022

“Zen, let’s be zen”

Except that after a while, Jen wants to go back and get her life back. But Bruce insists on the delicate issue of anger management. Legitimate concern to which she responds that as a woman, it’s just her daily life. (+1)

Instant family dispute over everyone’s life choices. Which ends in a fight and the pretty beach of Mexico which seems to have passed under a hurricane. But it ends with a little hug so that’s fine. And Jen returns home with the firm intention of never bringing out the Hulk in her. End of the long flashback.

Jen got her life back. We find her in the courtroom as she prepares to deliver her argument. No sooner does she have time to begin than a fury – spoiler alert, it’s Titania played by Jameela Jamil – lands by exploding a wall. The audience is in shock and people try to flee in panic. Jen has the instinct to hide but Nikki encourages her to hulker.

Goodbye pretty suit not spandex. The fight lasts 30 seconds, Jen knocks out Titania with a punch and then proudly skulls in front of an assembly that remains speechless. Then she resumes her normal form, a little disheveled and the sacrificed suit, ready to make her plea.


Post-credits scene. We return to the pretty Mexican beach. Bruce and Jen drink to their heart’s content – ​​handy with a metabolism that neutralizes the effects of alcohol. Pretending to be drunk, Jen laments the fate of poor Steve Rogers who gave his life to save the world but would have remained a virgin. An injustice for the most beautiful butt in America! But Bruce restores historical truth much to Jen’s delight.

True generic. Bye bye Hulk!

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