She-Hulk on Disney +: the not serious recap of episode 3… the one where she twerks with Megan…

She Hulk on Disney the not serious recap of episode

Every week, find on AlloCiné our not at all serious recap of the Marvel She-Hulk series.

Plan on the prison for super-humans, disturbing music. Jennifer arrives to pull his ears to Blonsky who – we remember – left his cage to enter a boxing ring and fight in Abomination mode. Not good press when at the same time asking for early release.

Plot twist: Guru Emil was forced out of his cell by a “sorcerer supreme of the mystical arts”. You expected to see Dr Strange eh ? Ah ah, nay. You’ll have to settle for Wong. Jennifer’s camera look who warns us that no, this series will not have a cameo in each episode. Apart from Bruce Banner in the first. From Emil Blonsky in the second… and from Wong in the third. At this level, you might as well rename the series she hulk and his band of friends.

Unfortunately, Jennifer doesn’t just have this “little” problem to deal with as the press around the world seizes on her story, to the point where it goes viral. Enough to attract trolls who protest that a woman has the powers of the Hulk. Or just powers. *exasperated sigh*

Next scene, Jenn/She Hulk is summoned to the big boss’s office. She finds there her former hyper problematic colleague Beauf owski, Sorry Bukowski. “I refuse such a hottie to work on my case, she could be my next bride” he throws at a colleague of Jen’. *VERY VERY EXASPERATED SIGH*. Another one who missed an opportunity to shut up.

The latter needs a lawyer to defend him in a fraud case involving a super-human. Hold on tight: He thought he was dating Meghan Thee Stallion when it was actually a shapeshifting light elf from Asgard who took on his appearance. It’s true that when she asked him to buy her a Volkswagen Passat, he could have asked himself a few questions…

No time to make fun of Beauf-owski, Wong arrives at this time to break the mood. He confirms the words of Guru Emil, and is ready to defend him. Or do a little magic trick, your choice.

Back to the Bukowski case, for our greatest pleasure. Where we learn that our new favorite pigeon has been robbed of 175,000 dollars, spent on gifts of all kinds. We would like to have your salary and your bank account Dennis.

Next scene: Jennifer comes before the probation committee to defend Blonsky. His 7 virgins uh soul mates are present to attend the deliberations of course. Wong appears to defend him, as promised. Everything is going pretty well for our lawyer until the prisoner has the good idea (no) to turn into an Abomination in front of the judges… who are screaming to death when they see the green giant (we would have reacted the same way).

Jennifer is demoralized and will AGAIN drown her sorrows in alcohol. She is joined by her colleague in charge of the Macho-Man-Bukowski case, who has a crazy idea: to have her testify to show how the lawyer does not have lights on all floors and that he REALLY was persuaded to date the real one Megan Thee Stallion. ChehDennis.

He wins his case against the Elf, just like Jenn, who manages to free Emil. Before leaving to create his sect, he advises the lawyer to defend herself in the media. So here it is on TV…talking about his diet and fitness secrets because that’s the only thing alpha males apparently care about. We feel bad for her.

And because she wasn’t having a bad enough day, she was then attacked in the street by a group of armed youths who wanted to take a few drops of blood from her. Transformation into the Hulk, shots that get lost, people flying through the air. In short, you shouldn’t mess with her.


How does Jennifer Walters not know how to let go? We find her in her office with her new favorite client Megan Thee Stallion doing a twerk contest…

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