She-Hulk on Disney +: the not serious recap of episode 2 … the one where she found the grass …

She Hulk on Disney the not serious recap of episode

Every week, find on AlloCiné our not at all serious recap of the Marvel She-Hulk series.

This new episode opens with a television newscast: that’s it, our Jen is famous! And because this society has the annoying habit of choosing for women, it is a man who finds her nickname of super-heroine: it will be she hulk ! And no offense to our lawyer who wanted to hide his double identity as Superman.

Here she is cheered in a bar by her male colleagues. The problem? They all prefer to be friends with the super-heroine than with the banal Jennifer (well, we admit it too). It hurts the ego but when you have to go…well you have to go.

After a short tour of hulking, here we are parading in front of an audience of lawyers who are fans of her. Well, everyone except that damn Bukowski who doesn’t find it very loyal to have used his superpowers in front of work. Bah what Bukowski, you wanted to end up impaled by an office chair?

Our heroine is fed up with it: she doesn’t want to be a vigilante, nor an Avenger, that she leaves that to “millionaires, narcissists and orphans”. Not very nice to talk like that about a dead Jennifer. It must be said that we understand it: being a superhero is not the calmest life there is. And then we talk about paid leave, salary and mutual insurance, as she so rightly points out? One point for her!

Well, as bad news never comes alone, her boss shows up… to fire her. His unexpected transformation in court allowed the opposing camp to ask for a dismissal because the jurors are won over to the cause of She-Hulk. At the same time, she saved their lives, so we understand.

Back to the Pôle Emploi box for Jen, who goes on to job interviews. Lots of interviews. Without success. To the point where she plans to convert into a mascot. But before reviewing her career plan, our heroine is called to order by her mother for the family dinner. We know what awaits her, and we feel bad for her.

Meeting with his family: the mother, the father, but also the uncle, the aunt, and the very embarrassing cousin (not Bruce, but another). And of course we talk to him about his unemployment… before asking him for information on the Avengers. Luckily Papa Walters is there to tell him to go ahead.

Next shot: we find Jen trying to drown her grief – or rather her depression – in alcohol (well just a glass of beer, it doesn’t pay to be a superhero), watching an episode of Ally McBeal. Before a suit and tie gentleman approaches her… to offer her a job, yeah. Well, this is the firm she was fighting against at the start of the series, but when we spent several weeks eating shellfish, we would accept any position.

Jennifer Walters is back, honey

So here we are at the head of the super-human rights department. The problem? They hired She-Hulk, not Jennifer Walters. He’s going to have to invest in stretchy clothes there. Looking at the camera, our heroine rages and complains that she got this job thanks to her double identity and not thanks to her skills as a lawyer. Not fake Jennifer.

Next scene, the young woman is finally offered her first business. She will have to defend Emil Blonsky aka Abomination aka the super-villain-who-wanted-his-cousin-dead in the 2018 film, in order to get him out of prison. Level conflicts of interest, we are at the max ‘there. Her boss then pulls out his big, sharp bad wolf teeth and tells her to take the case or she’ll have to go back to her shells. The choice is quickly made.

Direction the Department of Damage Control to meet the beast, uh Emil Blonsky. Exit the huge green monster, the former soldier has since worked on himself, he writes haikus to his former victims, he corresponds with 7 kindred spirits with whom he would like to start a new life (ahem), he does meditation … blah blah blah. In short, he is a New Emil.

Quick phone call to cousin Bruce to get his opinion. This one has made peace for years with his former enemy and confirms that he has changed a lot. It’s decided, Jennifer will defend him! But it will be a little harder than expected since at the same time, she learns that Abomination escaped from prison in the past to participate in a fight against Wong. Looking at the camera: “It sucks”, she swings at us. We agree with you.


Little meta blagounette of cousin number 2 on the 4k available at Disney+ (“No one knows what it is but we all need it”). She-Hulk who lifts a car while her dad fixes it, She-Hulk who puts a TV in her parents’ living room, She-Hulk who carries cans of water… And then she wonders why everyone prefers her green alter ego!

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