She-Hulk on Disney+: “I hope this character inspires young girls to have…

How does the She-Hulk series hope to bring a breath of fresh air to the MCU? What some of the Marvel/Disney+ team discussed below…

Tatiana, how did you feel when you were offered the role of Jennifer Walters aka she hulk ?

Tatiana Maslany : It was a good surprise, especially since I was going to be able to play a lawyer AND a superheroine, the dream. Especially since Marvel had rejected my candidacy three times before! So on the fourth attempt I felt super lucky. This series has all the ingredients of a big Marvel production with maximum action and special effects. In addition, we are also interested in the emotional side and the private life of Jennifer, especially when she is on dating apps. I like these more intimate and private moments. Without forgetting that it is a series with a large dose of humor.

Kat, do you hear that you’ve been a She-Hulk fan since childhood?

Kat Coiro (producer): Yes, I remember the covers of She Hulk alongside the other male superheroes. I had no idea who she was but it caught my eye. She looked massive and seemed to be in control on the covers of the comics. Of course I bought them all. When Marvel offered me this series, it was the realization of a little girl’s dream. I really gave everything for this series which oscillates between the typical Marvel universe with its big action sequences and humor. I tried to dose the ingredients well so that you spend an entertaining and fun half hour.

Ginger, tell us a bit more about Nikki?

Ginger Gonzaga : In fact, she totally looks like me. She is not afraid of anything, she is totally free in her thoughts and actions. She encourages you to do the same. Nikki is at Jennifer’s side to encourage and support her in this new existence. Behind every superhero, there is always someone who is there for him or her. Nikki always tries to play down the situation and make Jennifer smile again, as she sometimes loses it because of the multiple challenges she faces.

How is She-Hulk different from other heroes in the Marvel universe?

Jessica Gao (showrunner): I think that with a series like this we have the possibility of developing the character of She-Hulk, contrary to a film where we have to go faster. I think she’s different because she really looks like a normal human being, with friends, with family, before being this all-green, muscle-packed hero. He’s someone with real feelings, with ups and downs, like all of us. In that, she is different and I think we can identify with her. It took us some time to come up with the perfect formula for the format of the series. Especially with the idea that Jennifer/She Hulk speaks to the audience. We tried several possibilities. There was even one where there were notes on the screen like in the comics and in comments, then she had an interaction with these notes. But it was not retained. Finally, she addresses the audience from time to time looking directly at the camera.

Kat, does this series have a particular style and is part of a specific genre?

Kat Coiro: Let’s say all the episodes have a style and are of a different genre. Although it’s a series with 30-minute episodes set in the world of lawyers, it’s also an action series and a drama series with lots of suspense. I also like that this series shows the background of the world of superheroes. We really get into his intimacy with each episode. It’s a unique approach, I think.

Tatiana, does Mark Ruffalo gave you advice on becoming a Hulk?

Tatiana Maslany: He never really advised me anything but he was always there if I had a question or a hesitation. I mostly watched how he transformed from Bruce to Hulk. He has his own technique. He lays on the ground in Bruce and then, suddenly, he leaps with a jump, without moving his arms and he becomes Hulk. He’s been playing the Hulk for ten years so he’s got complete control over that character.

She-hulk on disney+: "i hope this character inspires young girls to have...
Marvel Studios 2022

Mark Ruffalo pays a visit to Tatiana Maslany in She-Hulk.

With whom She-Hulk could have an intimate relationship?

Tatiana Maslany: I would like to have one with Batman…the one from the 60s TV series with Adam West. I love this series.

Ginger Gonzaga: I think we should introduce him Groot. It’s a surreal idea but it would be one hell of a match.

In the end, what do you hope the audience will take away from this series?

Tatiana Maslany: I really hope they have a good time like we did making this series. It really is pure fun. I also hope that this character will inspire young girls to have even more confidence in themselves and never limit themselves in their journey of life. We all have a She-Hulk within us and I hope that’s the message we take away from our series.

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