She-Hulk episode 4: the not serious recap of the Marvel series, the one where she embarks on a …

She Hulk episode 4 the not serious recap of the Marvel

Every Friday on AlloCiné, find our quirky recap of the She-Hulk series. In episode 4, our superhero wants to have fun swiping left and right…

The episode of she hulk of the day opens on a man in levitation. He is a magician, very poor if we are to believe the spectators in the room who do not seem dazzled by his little tricks (and neither are we). We learn his nickname: Donny Blaze. We would have rather called him Donny I-too-abused-the-khol.

To give his show a little pep, his manager asks him to do “the thing with your hands there”. The man hesitates then wears on his fingers a strange ring that we recognize directly… from which wizard did he steal it? We’re scared, and so is he, apparently. Towering in the air with his hands, a magic circle appears (he’s relieved, but we’re not), with the portal behind it. We’re not impressed, Donny.

Next shot, direction Kathmandu to find She-… uh no still not, we find Wong (whose series is it again?!) and his meal tray ready to binge-watch The Sopranos. Then appears Madisynn, the young woman Donny inadvertently sent through the portal. Wong is frankly pissed because he understands that someone used magic for the wrong reasons and he knows who it is.

But he is also frankly annoyed because the young woman in question dares to spoil him The Sopranos. We are outraged, shocked, we are speechless… Because yes, the author of his lines has still not watched this series either. Donny Blaze is going to pay for it.

Jennifer finally arrives on the screen, after a good 5 minutes of episode. Looking at the camera, she explains to us that everyone loves Wong and that’s why he is present (team #Wongers). Except we want Daredevil Jenn, not Wong.

Her father arrives with a shovel and new locks to protect his daughter after the attack the day before. Well yes, despite her superhuman strength, she remains a fragile young woman who deserves to be protected… SO NOT AT ALL, she knows how to defend herself guys.

Back at the office where, rather than working on her current business, Jenn takes the opportunity to create her profile and start a dating site. Wong tumbles at this time to ask for his help: he would like to see Blaze’s head on a pike (we exaggerate slightly). We learn that he is a former student of the Mystical Arts who was fired after a week. Wong is pissed off and throws the words “interdimensional travel”, “physical and astral plane” blah blah blah.

She-Hulk tells him that in order to win the lawsuit, he must have Blaze sign a “non-disclosure or non-compete agreement” or “a training contract”. Ha ha ha. There is one who has not looked Doctor Strange like us and who doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Next shot: Jenn’ is at the bar with her assistant, to work (well yes, that’s what being on dating sites during her working hours). Except that Nikki, she doesn’t want to spend her evening talking about hearing and law, she would prefer to swipper on her friend’s cell phone. We understand you, Nikki.

Back to Wong, who visits Blaze with his lawyer. Cock fight between the two men to find out who has the biggest… dose of magic in him. The Sorcerer Supreme wins hands down. Then head to court. Super Jenn brings Madisynn to the bar.

We learn that she met a mysterious demon with whom she made a pact. Wait, pause. Could it be MEPHISTO??? It is with him that Ghost Rider aka Johnny Gaze signs a pact in the comics to save his adoptive father. We let you connect the dots.

To forget this grotesque affair, Jenn’ decides to let go a little and create an account for She-Hulk. Jackpot, notifications are pouring in. Swipe left, swipe right… she connects the dates with more or less success. A doctor catches his eye (we also send him a superlike!) and decides to take him home to play sudoku (wink).

But she is interrupted by Johnny G. and Wong because the former has opened a portal to hell – or almost – and a swarm of little piglet demons are attacking the spectators. The superheroine and the wizard save the evening and teach the other junk magician a good lesson.

Jennifer can find her date of the evening. In the early morning, after a night playing sudoku (re-wink), the latter discovers that Jenn’ has resumed her human appearance and slips away… like a thief. He didn’t deserve you, Jenn!

And because this humiliation wasn’t enough, a bailiff comes knocking on her door: Titania (you know, the supervillain from episode 1 whose existence we’ve already forgotten) files a complaint against her for – hang on tight – Fraudulent use of the She-Hulk trademark for which it has just registered the trademark. A nice low blow.


We find Wong in the company of Madisynn in full viewing of This Is Us. Okay he doesn’t know Beyoncé but we give him a 10/10 for his serial tastes.

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