She Doesn’t Want Her Parents at Her House While She Adjusts to Life With a Newborn. Is She Wrong?

This has to be tough to SAY and to HEAR, depending on which side of the story you’re on…

So you can imagine why this woman reached out to the fine folks on Reddit’s “Am I the A**hole?” page to ask if she was out of line for what she said to her parents.

Let’s take a look at what happened.

“I (24f) am currently pregnant, due in December.

I live with my fiancé Dan in the town where I grew up. I have a great relationship with my parents, but they had me quite late in life and they’re both retired now, living in a beach town in the south.

When they moved out, they sold me the house I grew up in well below market value, in exchange for me hosting them when they needed/wanted to come into town. It’s been like that for two years, they’ve been here a bunch of times for 3-4 days at a time, and it’s been a good arrangement I think.

Now, yesterday, I was talking to my mom about the birth and I brought up that I would like her to be in town when I give birth and to stay for a few weeks after. Dan has no relationship with his family and I’m an only child, with only a couple of very elderly aunts and a few cousins I don’t have much of a relationship with, so we don’t really have much in terms of a support system.

Therefore, I’d love for my parents to come here and help around the house, with the baby, offer me the emotional support I know I’m going to need, etc. My mom was excited that I was asking her to do this and said that she’d be okay with staying with us for a few weeks while we adjusted to the baby.

I then told her that I didn’t mean her staying with us, just in town, as I believe Dan and I are going to need and want alone time to adjust to the baby. My mom was a little offended, saying that she wasn’t going to bother us and she was going to help out, but I told her it was nothing personal, I just preferred if she got a hotel or AirBnB or something.

My father then intervened, having been somewhere within earshot, and said that accomodation was going to be really expensive around that time of the year (our town has a very famous, very big Christmas market) and he wasn’t about to spend thousands of dollars when I was asking them to come AND it had been our agreement when they sold me the house that they could stay whenever they wanted.

Which, like, fair, but I don’t think that having a newborn at home is just a regular time in someone’s life and it’s not like I ever complained about them coming over before. I just don’t want them in the house, but I do want them in town, and I feel a little sad that they are putting money above me and their grandson.

My mother hung up the call trying to appease the situation, but then sent me a text saying that her and my dad were a little upset over the whole thing and that they thought I wasn’t being reasonable.

When Dan got home, I told him all this and he kind of sided with them, saying that they should be allowed to stay with us. But I still don’t think it makes sense, as we are going to be needing our alone time.

Was I the a**hole here?”

Now let’s see what Reddit users had to say about this.

This individual said it’s complicated…but she is an a**hole for some of her actions.

She Doesnt Want Her Parents at Her House While She

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And this Reddit user agreed and said they think she’s an a**hole.

1664554416 338 She Doesnt Want Her Parents at Her House While She

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And this reader said she’s acting like an a**hole and she sounds very ungrateful.

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