Shazam 2: no Superman in the sequel?

Despite his cameo in the dying seconds of the first opus, Superman is not expected to appear in the sequel to “Shazam”, which is set to begin filming in May for release in the spring of 2023.

Shazam 2: no superman in the sequel?
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We’ll have to wait before we see Shazam and Superman team up. Despite the Man of Steel cameo in the very last scene of the DC film released in April 2019 on our screens, there are no plans for the superhero to participate in the sequel, which is due to start filming in the month of may. In any case, this is what affirms Variety, thanks to two sources which evoke a schedule of Henry Cavill incompatible with the planning of the shots.

Information that cuts short the rumors announcing the presence of Henry Cavill in this sequel entitled Fury of the Gods, and in which we will find most of the cast of the first opus. And in particular Asher Angel and Zachary Levi, who respectively play the hero Billy Batson and his adult alter ego Shazam. But the door is not completely closed for Superman, if we are to believe this tweet posted by the director of the film, David F. Sandberg, which backs up behind the camera.

(“I won’t comment on the casting rumors for several reasons. One of them is that you can’t be sure of anything until it happens. Halfway through the shoot of Shazam, it was always about [Henry] Cavill be in it. The scoopers could have scooped it up and been right back then, but ultimately wrong. “)

In Shazam’s final scene, Superman is indeed played by stuntman Ryan Handley (also Zachary Levi’s understudy) and not by Henry Cavill, who could not be made available for the filming of the scene in question. In the end, the head of the native of Krypton is out of the frame and this missed appointment gave rise to rumors of abandonment of the role by the English actor, seen since in The Witcher. Corridor rumors that the actor, expected in March in the new assembly of Justice League, has since denied without a new project emerging with him.

David F. Sandberg, however, did not draw a line on a possible cameo, especially as Shazam 2 is due out in world theaters in the spring of 2023, which leaves a little time to stall everything. So what is this DC movie that Henry Cavill has to make an appearance in, as Variety announced last May? Could this be Black Adam, a spin-off worn by Dwayne Johnson and centered on Shazam’s nemesis? Or The Suicide Squad, whose official synopsis revealed the action would take place on an island linked to Superman in the comic book “The Dark Knight Returns” ?

Next date with Superman: March 18 in the Snyder Cut of “Justice League”

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