Share the Love Chinatown London | Eat & Drink

Share the Love Chinatown London | Eat & Drink

Like many parts of the city, Chinatown London had to make some changes after the lockdown to keep visitors coming back to the neighborhood and eating at restaurants while remaining socially aloof. As part of the #LoveChinatown campaign, a new outdoor seating area has been opened in Newport Place, adorned with koi carp and lotus flower designs designed by paper-cutting artist Samantha Quinn.

Open every day, it is the perfect place to enter one of the new “Take-Put” boxes; a take-out box from a participating restaurant that can be unfolded to make a plate. With Plum Valley Chicken and Sweet Kung Pao Rice, Grilled Pumpkin with Oak Leaf and Quinoa from Viet Food, Beef Render and Coconut Rice from C&R Cafe and Taiwanese Bento Train from Old Tree Daiwan Bee there is a lot to choose from and they are only £ 8 or £ 10 too.

The area’s red lanterns are also getting a facelift, being replaced with rows of multi-colored lanterns signed by local business owners and neighborhood friends including Fuchsia Dunlop, Sandy Tang, Kim-Joy, Ping Coombes, Brendan Pang and Ching He Huang. When the new lanterns are hung, a digital screen will also appear in Newport Place where you can share their own goodwill messages with your friends, family, and even your favorite Chinatown restaurant, so go down there and share the love.

September 2020, 12 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Newport Place, London, WC2H

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