Shadow of Fatma on Netflix: what is this intriguing Turkish thriller?  - News Series on TV

Shadow of Fatma on Netflix: what is this intriguing Turkish thriller? – News Series on TV

Available on Netflix, this new Turkish series is a skillful thriller. Fatma, a cleaning lady who would seem ordinary, sees her destiny change when she engages in a murderous madness …

What is it about ?

Fatma is a discreet housekeeper who, while searching for her missing husband, commits a completely unexpected murder. She becomes an invisible killer in the eyes of others, who only consider her as an ordinary employee.

The killer is a woman

“Dust is made of sand and dirt, but mostly human skin.” This sentence that is cold in the back comes from the first episode of The Shadow of Fatma, a series that readily crosses genres. Thriller, police officer, human drama… this mini-series paints a portrait of a woman as we are not used to seeing.

From the first minutes, we discover the story of Fatma (Burcu Biricik), in search of her husband Zafer, released from prison for two months and disappeared since. Desperate, she sinks into grief while frantically searching for her husband, without arousing the slightest empathy in those she seeks. She is the invisible woman par excellence.

To meet her needs, the young woman works as a cleaning lady in the beautiful districts of Istanbul. When she least expects it, between despair and confusion, she kills a man. This irreversible act will forever change his destiny, in an already very chaotic life.

Netflix / Amelia Franklin

Struck by fate, we also understand that Fatma had a son who died. In which circumstances ? The series takes the time to maintain its suspense before revealing its cards. The action does not drag on: in one episode, Fatma has already killed two men.

Burcu Biricik carries the plot of this series in an amazing way. She is clearly a woman on the brink of the precipice, but she refuses to give up or give in in the face of adversity. She confronts a lot of bad guys, from the criminal to the stalker. Sexual violence is also a theme of the series. And Fatma’s violence seems to arise from a traumatic past.

In short, it is a pleasant surprise. We would not be surprised to see this series from Turkey being adapted in the United States or elsewhere as its history seems universal.

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