Shadow and Bone on Netflix: understand everything about the universe of the series - news series on TV

Shadow and Bone on Netflix: understand everything about the universe of the series – news series on TV

Shadow and Bone is coming to Netflix tomorrow! So not to be lost between the characters and the somewhat complicated names, AlloCiné has prepared a little guide for you to understand everything about the universe of the series.

What is the story ?

The kingdom of Ravka has been cursed for millennia. Her fate now rests on the shoulders of an orphan. Alina has been recruited by the Army to accompany the Grisha, powerful magicians who fight against the evil fog that is tearing the land apart. When her childhood friend comes close to death during this raid, Alina must face her fears and her destiny … The world of the Grisha is dangerous and the pitfalls are numerous. Who will Alina be able to trust, when the only person she could count on is no longer able to help her?


The Shadow and Bone series adapts both the Grisha literary trilogy and the prequel duology Six of Crows. Here is a quick portrait of the main characters of season 1.


Alina and Mal

Alina: She grew up with Mal in an orphanage and became a topographer. She discovers upon entering the Shadow Fold that she is a Grisha endowed with a rare power: she is able to summon light and dispel darkness.

Malyen Oretsev: Alina’s best friend and orphan. He enlists in the army and is responsible for accompanying the soldiers and the Grishas who try to enter the Shadow Fold. He’s one of the best trackers.

General Kirigan / Darkling: Great great great grandson of the Black Heretic, who caused the appearance of the Shadow Fold. He also has the ability to bring forth darkness. He discovers that Alina can summon the light using her amplifier. He takes her to the Little Palace so that she follows the Grisha training.


The Darkling and Alina

Kaz Brekker: He is the leader of the Six of Crows (name of the duology whose action in the books takes place before). He has a game room in Ketterdam, a town located in Kerch, on the other side of the Shadow Fold. He accepts the mission to kidnap Alina and assembles his team.

Jesper Fahey: Kaz’s henchman. He loves gambling and wields guns like no other.

Inej Ghafa: Kaz’s spy. She is good at melee combat. She is Suli, a nomadic people from the north of Ravka.


Jesper, Inej and Kaz are part of the Six of Crows

The map

Several realms are mentioned in Shadow and Bone and it is not always easy to remember them all. These are the three countries which are regularly mentioned and which are important for understanding history.

Rivka: Kingdom where the series mainly takes place. It is run by the Lantsov royal family. There are two armies there: the one made up of Grishas and the second of soldiers without powers. Alina and Mal grew up in the village of Keramzin. Os Alta is its capital. This is where the Little Palace is, a vacation spot for the Grishas.

Kerch: Small island located on the other side of the Shadow Fold. Its capital, Ketterdam, is known for its criminality. This is where Kaz and his team live.

Fjerda: Kingdom located south of Ravka. These people do not like the Grishas, ​​whom they consider to be wizards. They train soldiers, the Drüskelle, in order to capture and kill them.

The lexic

Shadow Fold: Name of the thick fog that cuts the kingdoms. It was created by the Black Heretic hundreds of years ago. Only Alina has the power to make it disappear.


The Shadow Fold

Grishas: Soldiers of the Second Army. People with abilities, which they call “little science”. There are several kinds and they have very specific names.

The Caporalki: Grishas among which we find the Founders and the Healers.

The Etherealki: Grishas among which we find the Howlers, Inferni and Tidal Makers.

The Materialki: Grishas among which we find Durasts and Alkemi.

The Volcras: Name given to the creatures that inhabit the Shadow Fold.

Kefta: Long coat worn by the Grisha. Color and embroidery change depending on status and power. Only the Darkling’s is black.


Kefta and embroidery change color depending on rank and “power”.

An amplifier: These rare and sometimes mystical objects allow the Grisha to increase their powers.

Drüskelle: Fjerda soldier in charge of hunting down and killing the Grishas.

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