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In Shadow and Bone, Jesper wields weapons like no other and never misses his mark. To the point of wondering if he is not a Grisha… Warning for spoilers.

Please note this article contains spoilers on the Six of Crows series and books.

Shadow and Bone fans have fallen under the spell of the universe but also of the characters. And it’s Jesper who seems to get everyone to agree (just like Milo the goat). This member of Kaz’s team (Freddy Carter) masters guns like no one else. His interpreter Kit Young has also trained for several weeks in order to successfully handle his two pistols.

In the series, Jesper uses his talent to get rid of his enemies but also the terrible Volcras that threaten his friends in the Fold. And he never misses his target, which will surprise one of the Darkling soldiers (Ben Barnes) in episode 6. The latter will even ask him “What are you ?”.

And to get the answer, you have to delve into the Six of Crows novels (which the Netflix series partially adapts) which centers on Kaz and his gang of criminals. It is in these pages that Jesper makes an astonishing revelation: he is actually a Grisha, more precisely a Durast.

The Materialkis (who belong to the order of Fabrikators) use little science to manipulate metal, glass, stone, in short any solid matter. Just like David (Luke Pasqualino) at Little Palace. The Zemeni uses his power to control the direction of the bullets.

We learn in passing that his father forced him to suppress his power to protect him, after the death of his mother, killed because she was Grisha.

In the novels, no one knew that Jesper was a Grisha (not even Kaz and Inej) and that seems to be the case in the series as well. If Netflix offers a season 2 to Shadow and Bone, this plot could be developed there.

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