Sex Education on Netflix: Does Season 3 Live Up to Expectations? at …

Available this Friday on Netflix, season 3 of Sex Education turns the daily life of Moordale students upside down. What is this season worth, which marks the arrival of a new principal? Does it live up to the previous two seasons? Our opinion.

For them it has been a summer. For us, it’s almost two years since the end of Season 2 of Sex Education. But the wait is rewarded with an almost orgiastic season 3, full of madness and excess. Despite everything, the series is also anchored a little more towards dramatic comedy by better developing its characters. And everyone comes out a winner.

End of recess

At the end of season 2, Otis (Asa Butterfield) opened his heart by declaring his love on the answering machine of Maeve (Emma Mackey). Isaac (George Robinson), also in love with Maeve, erased Otis’ message. Jean (Gillian Anderson), Otis’ mother, learned that she was pregnant. And Adam (Connor Swindells) finally recognized his attraction to Eric (Ncuti Gatwa).

This new season is off to a flying start. Otis grew a mustache over the summer. Adam and Eric are officially together, although it is complicated for Adam to manage. Jean is pregnant to the teeth but still hasn’t said anything to Jakob (Mikael Persbrandt)…

Sex education on netflix: does season 3 live up to expectations? At...

Sam Taylor / NETFLIX

Everyone happily took to the skies over the summer holidays… including Otis (but we won’t tell you who with)! But not Aimee (Aimee Lou Wood), who still suffers from blockage since her assault on the bus.

You might think that everything is (almost) for the best in the best of all possible worlds – or at least in Moordale where obviously it hardly ever rains – but a change of direction of the school will turn everything upside down.

We had known that for a while now. Jemima Kirke – the unforgettable Jessa from Girls – plays Moordale’s new principal. If she enters the high school scene like a rockstar, the young woman will quickly prove that she carries very conservative values ​​and much more dated than her young age.

Sex education on netflix: does season 3 live up to expectations? At...

Sam Taylor / NETFLIX

More maturity

Like any good self-respecting teen drama, Sex Education does not escape the exploitation of certain stereotypes such as the high school plague, the really eccentric eccentric, the rebel or even the gay best friend. These tropes are decades old. And yet …

All the difference here is that the story is interested a little less in the emotions of Otis and a lot more in these secondary characters who become more and more central. Not only are they gaining in importance but also in thickness. Unlike those hackneyed tropes mentioned above, they are not one-dimensional characters, but rather full-fledged characters whose complexity is nicely highlighted.

Sex education on netflix: does season 3 live up to expectations? At...

Sam Taylor / NETFLIX

The story between Adam for Eric continues its journey with great tact and accuracy, addressing the issue of coming out for Adam not just to others but already to himself. Likewise, the end of the story between Eric and Rahim (Sami Outalbali) continues to have repercussions in this season.

The series began as a teen drama crossed with a sex comedy. And even if moments of lightness and laughter are always present – there is a very long gag that takes place during a trip to France – Sex Education clearly shows its ambition to be part of these series that mark memories. For its emancipatory speech and its positive vibes.

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