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Could Carrie Bradshaw have saved Mr Big, victim of a heart attack in the first episode of “And Just Like That”, by immediately calling for help? Vulture asked a cardiologist the question. And no answer is straightforward.

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Eleven years after the theatrical release of the second feature film in the franchise, Sex and the City made its comeback last week with a serial sequel called And Just Like That, the episodes of which are offered every Friday in US + 24 on Salto.

And if this new chapter in the adventures of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) struggles to forget the absence of Samantha (Kim Cattrall), who is sorely lacking in the series, it is is especially the death of Mr. Big (Chris Noth), on which the first episode closes, which had the effect of a bomb and was not long in dividing the fans of Sex and the City, who were not certainly not prepared for such a shock.

However, whether or not we understand this scriptwriting choice, which the creator and showrunner Michael Patrick King tried to justify in an interview, a question arises following the viewing of the first parts of And Just Like That: why Carrie did not did she not call for help sooner? And could she have saved Big if she had immediately dialed 911 (the emergency number in the United States), instead of just standing there watching the love of her life die before her eyes?

The American site Vulture contacted a cardialogue to get his opinion on this sequence which disturbed many viewers of And Just Like That.

And the doctor in question, Daniel Luger, who works at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, first explains that the Peloton brand exercise bike is in no way responsible for Big’s death, but that the combo cigar and exercise, portrayed in the first episode, is definitely not a good idea for someone with heart problems, as is the case with John James Preston, aka Mr. Big.

“It is a great idea to go on an exercise bike, but I will avoid all tobacco use, especially if you have a history of coronary artery disease.”, admits the cardiologist interviewed by Vulture, who understands that the Peloton brand has defended itself after the broadcast of the episode which presented the bike used by Big as responsible in large part for his death.

“I’m on Peloton’s side in this story. Exercising can’t cause a heart attack on its own. What led to such a tragedy was that Big’s cholesterol and blood pressure were not there. certainly not well enough controlled, that he used to smoke, and that he suffered from heart problems. He would have had to pay attention to all this upstream for such an episode to be prevented “.


As to whether Carrie could have saved the great love of her life, the cadialogue’s answer is clear: “Absolutely. It’s Carrie’s fault. Without trying to point a finger at her, it’s absolutely her fault.”. That is what is said.

Because if the time during which Big remained conscious, between the first signs of his heart attack and the arrival of Carrie, estimated at 30 minutes by the journalist of Vulture, seems quite plausible for Doctor Daniel Luger, the latter explains that the heroine played by Sarah Jessica Parker could have acted to try to prevent Big’s death.

“The brain can survive for about 3 minutes without oxygen. When Big passed out and had no pulse, Carrie would have had to immediately start giving him a heart massage. she calls for help, and begins to apply first aid and cardiac massage “.

“Because you can completely stimulate blood flow to the brain and organs with cardiac massage. And when they arrived, the emergency services could have resuscitated Big with a defibrillator and appropriate treatment. Did she really stand there and do nothing? ? “.

“She had to give him a heart massage”, insists the cardiologist who also seems shocked by the non-reaction of Carrie Bradshaw. “You can really save lives that way. Big shouldn’t have died. This is utter nonsense.”.

The followers of Sex and the City will therefore certainly be happy to learn that they were right to ask questions when watching the sequence of Big’s death and the lack of reaction from Carrie. Not sure, however, that this affects the writers who did not kill the character played by Chris Noth for nothing. And which surely reserve us a lot of surprises in the next episodes, which will mark the beginning of a new chapter for Carrie.

The trailer for And Just Like That, available on Salto:

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