Series Mania Day 4: we saw the new series from the creator of Vikings, season 2 of Doc…

The 12th edition of Séries Mania continues in Lille, where the AlloCiné team shares its recommendations with you throughout the festival. On the program: Billy The Kid seen by Michael Hirst, the confined drama Sunshine Eyes and new episodes of “Doc”.

After the screening of Sentinelles last night in Lille, a new creation by screenwriter Frédéric Krivine (Un Village français) centered on Operation Barkhane in Mali, the crime series Hors Saison led by Marina Hands (Mytho) and Sofiane Zermani (Les Sauvages) and the return of the classical dancers of the Opera in a season 2 under high tension, the Allociné team continues to clear the programming of the Series Mania festival which is held in Lille from March 18 to 25.

On the sidelines of the screenings, festivities, exhibitions and round tables take place every day for the Lille public. And if you are not lucky enough to be there, you can find the series of the competition, recordings of meetings and masterclasses for free on the festival platform. Digital Mania Series.

Find the first episode of the AlloCiné team’s podcast at the 12th edition of Series Mania:

Sunshine Eyes (Panorama International)

Series mania day 4: we saw the new series from the creator of vikings, season 2 of doc...

Shot in Berlin during the first wave of COVID-19 with a non-professional cast, few resources and partly improvised, the series Sunshine Eyes explores the relationship of two sisters separated by a family drama when they were children.

Now teenagers, 16-year-old Lea (Laetitia Adrian) and 14-year-old Leonie (Aliza von Heland) cling to the hope of being reunited again by both going to live with their grandmother. But at the same time, disturbing information about a virus coming from the city of Wuhan in China threatens the joy of their reunion…

Quasi-experimental, the series created by Swedish screenwriter and director Maria Von Heland (The Heirs of the Night) is an intimate and heartbreaking teenage chronicle of sisterhood, through the broken journeys of two sisters in search of a home. It is also a painful reflection on the first moments of the pandemic which paralyzed the world for several months in 2020, and on the emotional and human repercussions that this collective trauma has had.

Soon in France.

Kin (International Panorama)

Series mania day 4: we saw the new series from the creator of vikings, season 2 of doc...

Frank Kinsella is the head of a family of traffickers in Dublin. When Michael, his nephew, is released from prison and reunited with his family, he must face a clan war between rival gangs threatening to break out at any moment because of the impulsive temper of his only son, Eric. But can the cartel hold its own against the strength of blood ties?

Drama series produced by the Irish channel AMC +, Kin (which means “family”) is created by showrunner Peter McKenna, having cut his teeth on the historical series The Musketeers or The Last Kingdom. In this nervous and dark series with distant accents of Animal Kingdom, he brings together a cast of sizes: Aidan Gillen (Game of Thrones), Clare Dunne (The Last Duel), Charlie Cox (Daredevil) and Emmett J. Scanlan (Peaky Blinders) .

Soon in France.

Billy The Kid (International Competition)

Series mania day 4: we saw the new series from the creator of vikings, season 2 of doc...

After Vikings and The Tudors, Michael Hirst returns to the small screen for a new historical series which this time tells us about the epic life of Billy The Kid, a famous American outlaw from the American West, played here by Tom Blyth (The Gilded Age).

An epic and romantic adventure fiction that transports us directly to the Wild West through the life of this legend, who, despite his reputation, never really chose to be a bandit. By recounting the extraordinary destiny of an immigrant child who became one of the most wanted men in America, Michael Hirst tackles themes which, more than two centuries later, are still as topical as ever.

With poignant realism, he gradually deconstructs the myth of the conquest of the west, and shows us, through this character full of complexity, an unadorned truth. Tom Blyth, who obtains his first big role here, gives for the occasion the reply to Eileen O’Higgins (Brooklyn, The irregulars of Baker Street), who camps the mother of Billy, and Daniel Webber (The Punisher), who lends his features to outlaw Jesse Evans.

Soon in France.

Doc – season 2 (French premiere)

Series mania day 4: we saw the new series from the creator of vikings, season 2 of doc...
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A real phenomenon when it was broadcast in January 2021 on TF1, Doc finally returns for a season 2 still worn by Luca Argentero, who promises to live up to fan expectations. Andrea Fanti, who made a life change following her memory loss, is back in the hospital and must face, with her team, the arrival of a mysterious virus coming straight from China.

Like season 4 of Good Doctor, the scriptwriters of Doc have decided to tell us about the Covid epidemic by taking a step back in time and showing us “the after”. A temporal ellipse which intervenes in episode 2 and will not be without consequence since certain doctors whom we had learned to like will not appear in this new burst of episodes.

As in the first season, the medical cases will give a hard time to the doctors who can always count on the insight and talent of Andrea Fanti.

Soon on TF1

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