Series Mania 2022 Day 7: we saw the series on the NTM group and an offbeat comedy between…

On the last day of the 12th edition of the Series Mania festival, the Allociné journalists recommend three series, including the offbeat OCS comedy “Toutouyoutou” and the Arte biopic “Le Monde de Demain” devoted at NTM.

Seventh and last day of the festival! The 12th edition of Séries Mania is about to deliver its verdict after a rich and quality competition. In total, no less than 57 series were presented throughout the event, all categories combined. Before revealing the winners, the AlloCiné team shares its latest favorites with you.

In The World of Tomorrow, creators and directors Katell Quillévéré and Hélier Cisterne retrace in their own way the genesis of the rap group NTM. Composed of six episodes, the expected series on Arte is carried by Anthony Bajon in the role of Kool Shen and Melvin Boomer in the skin of JoeyStarr.

Then a turn towards comedy with Des gens bien, a Franco-Belgian fiction, or even Toutouyoutou, a strange mixture of aerobics and a spy plot.

You can find the series of the competition but also meetings and masterclasses for free on the festival platform Digital Mania Series.

Find the second episode of the podcast of the AlloCiné team present at Series Mania:

The World of Tomorrow (International Competition)

Series mania 2022 day 7: we saw the series on the ntm group and an offbeat comedy between...
Jean-Claude Lother

This is the second project centered on the NTM group. A few months after the release of Suprêmes by Audrey Estrougo, the story of the mythical group is this time adapted in a serial format. Entitled The world of tomorrow, the six-episode program pulls away from its opening minutes of the feature film. The creators and directors Katell Quillévéré and Helier Cistern offer a more precise and dissected vision, leaving as much room for the world of dance as for that of rap.

The story is told through the eyes of Kool Shen and JoeyStarr, of course, but also through those of DJ Dee Nasty. Anthony Bajon and Melvin Boomer embody the cult duo, while Andranic Manet plays the key character in their rise. The World of Tomorrow is an authentic fable with an impressive recreation of the eighties. It is above all the sense of detail – as much in the performance of its actors as in the staging – which makes this series an important work of this 12th edition of the festival.

The World of tomorrow, soon on Arte.

Toutouyoutou (French Competition)

Series mania 2022 day 7: we saw the series on the ntm group and an offbeat comedy between...

A series that mixes aerobics, aeronautics and industrial espionage, it’s quite a program! doggie takes us straight back to the early 80s, in the Toulouse region, the cradle of French aeronautics.

Karine (Claire Dumas) is an uneventful mother who sees her life turned upside down by the arrival of a new neighbor, Jane (Alexia Barlier), who has come straight from the United States. She brings with her a wind of modernity that will change the life of Karine and her friends.

But behind her smiles and her fluorescent leotard, Jane seems to be very interested in project 37, a top secret file for which Didier, Karine’s husband, is in charge. What if Jane wasn’t who she claimed to be?

Co-created by Maxime Donzel and Géraldine de Margerie who are the brains behind the humorous pastille of Arte Tutotal, Toutouyoutou is a little nugget with an offbeat tone and tongue-in-cheek humor.

These four friends, who see a single and independent woman arrive, a thousand miles from the people they are used to meeting, will, in contact with her, begin to regain control of their lives and above all to emancipate themselves from the shackles of the society of the time. With its faithful reconstruction of the 80s, and its original soundtrack signed Feu! Chatterton, Toutouyoutou is worth a detour.

September 8, 2022 on OCS.

Good people (Panorama International)

Series mania 2022 day 7: we saw the series on the ntm group and an offbeat comedy between...

After the international success of La Trêve, broadcast on France 2 in 2016, Benjamin d’Aoust, Stéphane Bergmans and Matthieu Donck make a 180°C turn with good peoplea black comedy in the tradition of the films of the Coen Brothers.

We follow Linda and Tom, a debt-ridden couple who set up a life insurance scam, to recover the premium money and start their lives in the sun again. Unfortunately for them, Philippe, a border policeman, has understood everything but no one takes it seriously. He and insurance broker Cathy will try to stop them.

Through the characters of Tom and Linda, the screenwriters explore the spiral of over-indebtedness and paint a portrait of a couple who might seem diabolical but who turn out to be above all distraught by the situation they have to face.

Bérangère McNeese and Lucas Meister, who play them, manage to make us love these characters, whom we should normally hate. Humor and drama mingle to tell us the tragic fate of these ordinary people to whom life has given no gift.

Soon on Arte.

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