Series Mania 2022 Day 6: we saw a series with a killer baby and a hip-hop musical drama…

On the occasion of the sixth day of competition for the 12th edition of the Series Mania festival, the Allociné journalists recommend three series, including the musical “Reusss” and the black comedy “The Baby”.

While the competition continues to rage in this 12th edition of Séries Mania, the Allociné team continues to make great discoveries in the series on this sixth day of festivities.

Worn by one of the stars of SKAM France, the musical series Reusss moved festival-goers with its sounds mixing rap and R’n’B. As for the international competition, the black comedy, The Baby, translates in a burlesque way the anguish of motherhood and the weight that weighs on those who embark on the adventure. Finally the short format I am not a robot is a Canadian black comedy that will leave no one indifferent.

You can find the series of the competition but also meetings and masterclasses for free on the festival platform Digital Mania Series.

Find the second episode of the podcast of the AlloCiné team present at Series Mania:

The Baby (International Competition)

Series mania 2022 day 6: we saw a series with a killer baby and a hip-hop musical drama...

Natasha is 38 and does not want to be a mother. She even despairs of seeing her close friends take the plunge and doesn’t want to help but feel a sense of abandonment. As she leaves for the weekend, a baby falls into her arms – literally. She wants to get rid of it at all costs, but fate decided otherwise. The young woman is not at the end of her troubles: she will discover that all those who approach the child find death.

With an offbeat tone and caustic humour, The Baby tackles a still taboo subject: women’s non-desire for children. The creators Lucy Gaymer and Sian Robins-Grace take on this rare theme on television by playing with the codes of horror, between Rosemary’s Baby and The Curse. Lead actress Sinéad Cusack is excellent.

The Baby, available soon on OCS.

Reusss (French Competition)

Series mania 2022 day 6: we saw a series with a killer baby and a hip-hop musical drama...
France TV. Slash

Series or musical films are commonplace among our Anglo-Saxon friends. If in France, the genre is much rarer, France TV slash has decided to shake things up with Successa musical drama that follows Hanane, Maissa and Ambre, 3 inseparable friends who grew up in the same city.

When Djamel, Hanane’s older brother, is found unconscious, they launch an investigation to find the culprits of his attack. Between screwed up boyfriends, intrusive parents and threatening drug dealers, Hanana, Maissa and Ambre can only count on their REUSSS.

A true UFO of the selection, the series astonishes by its originality and its bias. Here, the feelings of the characters are expressed through songs created especially for the occasion in order to best transcribe their inner tumults.

Under the sun of Sètes, the three heroines, camped by Charlie Loiselier, Assa Sylla (both seen in SKAM France) and Ines Ouchaaou, will have to leave the innocence of youth aside to face the disappointments of age adult.

If the first minutes may disturb more than one, we are very quickly embarked on this brilliantly choreographed modern tale with catchy music.

I’m not a robot (Short Formats Competition)

Series mania 2022 day 6: we saw a series with a killer baby and a hip-hop musical drama...

Who is behind those who view and censor violent content on social networks? Coming straight from Quebec, the series Je ne suis pas un robot plunges the viewer into an office of employees responsible for enduring these images all day long. A serious and sensitive subject approached with black humor by the creators Charles-Alex Durand and Sandrine Viger.

The plot follows Marie-Chantal (Geneviève Schmidt), a cat lover, who, after dealing with a video of animal abuse, descends into madness. At first very funny, I am not a robot also seduces by its quirkiness and its disturbing side as the story continues. The program is addictive and very easy to watch thanks to an efficient format – each episode of the series is 7 and 10 minutes long.

I am not a robot, available soon in France.

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