Series Mania 2022 Day 3: we saw Fianso in a surprising thriller, season 2 of…

Third day at the 12th edition of Series Mania, which takes place from March 18 to 25, 2022! The AlloCiné team shares its favorites with you. On the program: young soldiers deployed in Mali, a thriller with Fianso, the return of “The Opera”…

The competition continues in Lille for the Series Mania festival. Three days after the opening of this 12th edition, the AlloCiné team continues to roam the city to meet talent and discover the many fiction projects screened throughout the day.

During the event, the journalists present on site will share their favorites with you. After the disturbing thriller Syndrome E or the science fiction series Para//èles, it is now time for an investigation led by Marina Hands and Sofiane Zermani, a powerful drama about the war in Mali and the return of The Opera with a season 2.

You can now find the series of the competition but also meetings and masterclasses for free on the festival platform Digital Mania Series.

Also find the first episode of the AlloCiné team’s podcast at the 12th edition of Series Mania:

Off-season (French competition)

Series mania 2022 day 3: we saw fianso in a surprising thriller, season 2 of...
Akka Films/Gaumont Television

After the very dark E-syndrome of TF1 yesterday, it is the turn of France 2 to unveil this Monday in preview Off-season, a thriller in six episodes with an astonishing pitch which takes us to Cimes, a small Swiss station where a local police captain and a French investigator try to arrest a serial killer who stages his crimes in an intriguing and macabre way.

But as the victims pile up, the life of Sterenn Peiry – formidable Marina Hands – changes. His son accidentally killed his girlfriend in a car. Ready to do anything to protect him, the Swiss cop then has an idea that is surprising to say the least…

Beyond its history and its rather enjoyable twist, of which nothing will be revealed here, this co-production between France and Switzerland shines with its rather unusual atmosphere for France Télévisions and with its snowy Swiss setting. And confirms alongside Marina Hands and Cyril Metzger (A young girl who is well) all the good that we think of Sofiane Zermani, alias Fianso, who forms here, after Les Sauvages and Alger Confidential, a sacred duo of cops with the star of Mytho.

Note that Off-season is still screened tomorrow, Tuesday March 22, in Lille at 11 a.m. at the UGC Cine-Cité.

Soon on France 2

Sentinels (International Competition)

Series mania 2022 day 3: we saw fianso in a surprising thriller, season 2 of...
Pascal Aimar/OCS/Tetra Media

The war in Mali had never been addressed in a French series before. With Sentinelles, creator and screenwriter Frédéric Krivine (Un Village français) joins forces with Thibault Valetoux (Totems) to tell the story of the mission of a French unit deployed in the African state. Young, still inexperienced, the soldiers discover the reality of the job in the field. An ambush that goes wrong will jeopardize the cohesion of the group.

Visually striking, Sentinelles immerses the viewer in the daily life of these soldiers who reveal their flaws and their complexity as the plot progresses. The series tackles fascinating subjects such as the feeling of guilt after the death of an innocent person or the place of a female lieutenant in the army. From Louis Peres to Pauline Parigot, passing by Yannick Choirat, the distribution is certainly the driving force of this important fiction.

Sentinelles is available from April 5 on OCS.

The Birth of Daniel F. Harris (Official Competition)

Series mania 2022 day 3: we saw fianso in a surprising thriller, season 2 of...
Channel 4

Danny knows nothing of the world around him. After the death of his mother in a mysterious car accident, the child is locked in a house, without the possibility of setting his nose outside. To dissuade him from going out, his father invents a most dangerous environment, populated by “monsters”. But one day, the boy finds freedom.

British series, The Birth of Daniel F. Harris seduces thanks to its sensitivity and the interpretation of its main actor, Lewis Gribben. The latter embodies a hero, who has become a teenager, who discovers the world as it really is at a late age. With a rather short format – between 20 and 25 minutes per episode – the fiction brilliantly depicts the reconstruction of a character after years of abuse.

Without falling into pathos and sensationalism, the series also shines thanks to the writing of its secondary characters, like Aaron (Samuel Bottomley) who will create a special bond with the young Danny.

The Birth of Daniel F. Harris program is screened again at the Séries Mania festival this Tuesday, March 22 at 11:45 a.m., at the UGC in Lille.

The Birth of Daniel F. Harris, soon in France.

The Opera – season 2 (New unreleased seasons)

Series mania 2022 day 3: we saw fianso in a surprising thriller, season 2 of...

Barely seven months after the screening of its first season at the previous edition of the festival, L’Opéra, one of the first prestigious creations of the OCS Originales label written by Cécile Ducrocq and Benjamin Adam is back for new twirling episodes and addictive.

After having followed the first steps of the young dancer Flora in the heart of the prestigious school of the Opéra Garnier, and the quest for redemption of Zoé, star dancer losing speed as the former director of the school (Raphaël Personnaz) had tried to oust, the two heroines will now pay the price of a new artistic director with radical methods…

Always served by a cast in tune, led by the brilliant actresses Ariane Labed (Prize for Best Actress at Series Mania in 2021), the revelation Suzy Bemba and the double-caesarean actress Anne Alvaro who is joining the series for this season 2, the series approaches the ballet of dancers as a family with dysfunctional relationships, and explores darker themes like the motive of injury or harassment at work with brilliance, without ever departing from its glamorous aspect. Do not miss !

The Opera season 2, September 20 on OCS.

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