September 29th cinema releases: what are the best films of the week?

September 29th cinema releases: what are the best films of the week?

To help you make your choices, here are the 3 best rated films of the week by the press and viewers on AlloCiné! *


1st: The Crossing – 3.93 / 5

“By its character both powerful and precarious, the animation of Florence Miailhe manages to give shape to the heartbreaking encounter of naivety and unhappiness.” By Olivia Cooper-Hadjian (Cahiers du Cinéma)

“As beautiful as it is singular, La Traversée is above all a unique work conceived on a glass plate, a method of painting animated directly under the camera which gives the viewer the impression that the drawing is being made live before his eyes.” By Olivier Delcroix (Le Figaro)

2nd: Les Intranquilles – 3.85 / 5

“We salute here the formidable performance of Damien Bonnard (Les Misérables) as a husband plagued by his pathology, and of Leïla Bekhti (Le Grand Bain) as an exhausted wife who sinks irremediably into a hopeless spiral. Very strong.” By Christophe Caron (La Voix du Nord)

“Les Intranquilles considers bipolarity and its complexity (the entanglement of manic and depressive symptoms) without pathos, placing themselves at the heart of a couple played by Leïla Bekhti and Damien Bonnard.” By Nathalie Chifflet (Latest News from Alsace)

3rd tied: Eugénie Grandet – 3.5 / 5

“From Balzac’s novel, a fierce satire of patriarchy, Marc Dugain made a film that is both faithful and contemporary. The light, signed Gilles Porte, is superbly twilight, and the distribution, so clear and fair that one could believe oneself in French, in a comedy by Molière. ” By Jérôme Garcin (Le Nouvel Observateur)

“Splendid, the photography gives us the impression of being locked in a Flemish canvas, between bronze colors and dull shades of rooms that we guess badly heated, kept to a minimum.” By Mathilde Blottière (Télérama)

3rd tied: I liked living there – 3.5 / 5

“Régis Sauder continues his reflection on rootedness and memory by surveying the city of Cergy, Annie Ernaux’s place of residence. Interweaving the voices of the author and many inhabitants, the filmmaker paints a portrait full of finesse and of poetry. ” By Julie Loncin (Les Fiches du Cinéma)

“With Ernaux, Sauder becomes attentive to the small details by which the slide of material life is signaled towards the construction of a shared subjectivity.” By Sylvain Blandy (


1st: Green lung and red carpet – 4.2 / 5

“A film full of positive energy, unclassifiable, which shows us behind the scenes of the cinema and which speaks of the planet, forests and nature with a lot of respect. We want to believe it.” (Odile Martinache)

“A strange documentary film in which the director immerses himself, with a candid gaze in the world of cinema. He has only one goal: to make his cause heard. Curious, atypical, intriguing, interesting … So to see! ” (SRylvain)

2nd: The Unquiet – 3.4 / 5

“Damien Bonnard, whose talent is no longer a secret is quite simply astounding in the main role, monstrous and touching. Leïla Bekhti, in a subtle composition, accompanies him through the ups and downs of a human adventure that does not never hides the emotional depths of a disease that is almost impossible to cure. ” (traversay1)

“Beyond the originality of its bias, Les Intranquilles owes practically everything to the talent of its two main performers, whose characters are both the subject and the epicenter of the film.” (Ismael)

3rd: Eugénie Grandet – 3.0 / 5

“What a breath of fresh air is this adaptation on the big screen of this great classic of French literature. The extent of Marc Dugain’s talent is not a discovery, he demonstrates it once again by adapting the work without betraying it while giving it modernity. ” (AZZZO)

“This new film adaptation of the famous novel by Honoré de Balzac is very successful. The production is very neat in terms of sets, lighting and images well processed with the talented director of photography Gilles Porte.” (Coric Bernard)

* According to the notes of the AlloCiné barometer, as of Friday October 1, 2021, for films released in theaters on Wednesday September 29 with at least 10 reviews for the top press and 50 ratings for the top viewers. These two tops do not include films already released one or more times in France.

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