Sentinels on OCS: Pauline Parigot, Louis Peres… who are the actors in the series of…

Available exclusively on OCS, Sentinelles immerses us in the heart of the action through the portrait of a combat section in Mali. A thrilling series, carried by fascinating characters and a cast to match. Portraits.

Discover the 7 episodes of Sentinels exclusively on OCS.

Pauline Parigot is Anais Collet

Sentinels on ocs: pauline parigot, louis peres… who are the actors in the series of...
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Rare enough to underline it, Anaïs Collet is a woman officer, who is moreover a lieutenant in the Army at the head of a combat section. At the same time determined, brilliant and ambitious, she is confronted with painful trials opening her eyes to the difficulty of her missions. If these pitfalls will destabilize her, they will also give her even more energy to succeed in embracing a long career in the army.

To put on the uniform of the heroine of Sentinels, the teams in the series bet on Pauline Parigot. Revealed in Les Lendemains, a film by Bénédicte Pagnot which earned her a pre-nomination for the César and the interpretation prize at the International Festival of Rabat in 2011, she especially marked the spirits on stage, in Juste la fin du monde or Le last subway.

Main role of Brothers in arms of Sylvain Labrosse and Michetonneuses of Olivier Doran, the Rennaise is not in her first series with Sentinels, since it was she who played Ophelia in season 2 of the Returned.

Louis Peres is Julien Ravalet

Sentinels on ocs: pauline parigot, louis peres… who are the actors in the series of...
ocs / ABACA

New darling of the small screen after his outbursts in Mental, an award-winning series at the La Rochelle festival in which he plays Simon, Louis Peres is back in a leading role this spring 2022 with Sentinelles. After having given the reply to Benoît Poelvoorde, Leïla Bekhti and Pio Marmaï in How I became a superhero, the one who received the Public Prize at the Series Mania festival for his interpretation of Etienne Lantier in the Germinal series becomes Julien Ravalet.

A real hothead of the section led by Anaïs Collet, this soldier missed out on a career as an officer because of his lack of discipline. A character he built against the overwhelming figure of his father, an eminent general decorated several times. However, Ravalet remains a seasoned and fearless soldier, which makes him a warrior that is good to have at his side.

But in this post-colonial war where the institution and the image count almost as much as the military operations in themselves, this upset hero is served by his intrepidity.

Birane Ba is Martial Mendy

Sentinels on ocs: pauline parigot, louis peres… who are the actors in the series of...

A very promising figure in the theater after early debuts in several conservatories, at the Cours Florent then at the Conservatoire National Supérieur d’Art Dramatique, Birane Ba was seen at the cinema in La Prière by Cédric Kahn and in Paris, etc. by Zabou Breitman.

He entered the Comédie-Française in 2018 and was a resident of the Troupe from 2019, he will soon be in the cast of Transatlantic, an international series by Jeanne Henry. In the meantime, he plays Martial Mendy, an idealistic, clairvoyant and thoughtful young corporal. Seeing the republican project as complementary to his ideological and religious values, his convictions clashed with the reality on the ground in Mali.

Faced with the complexity of the premises, Martial is forced to face a paralyzing fear of action and danger, and thus discover that his worst enemy is none other than himself…

Yannick Choirat is Philippe Lefort

Sentinels on ocs: pauline parigot, louis peres… who are the actors in the series of...
ocs / ABACA

Marked by his experience in Afghanistan, Philippe Lefort is a very human officer who succeeds in understanding the imperatives of the hierarchy in order to better relay them to his subordinates. Constantly torn between his obligations and his morality, he experiences an existential crisis when he meets a journalist with ideas opposed to his.

This role of captain considered as a father figure for his men suits perfectly to the talent of Yannick Choirat. Seen in the cinema or on television in front of the camera of Jacques Audiard, Jérôme Bonnell, Jeanne Herry, Zabou Breitman, or even Jean-Xavier de Lestrade, he is known to fans of series under the name of Victor Hugo.

Awarded for his role in A damaged man by Philippe Triboit, he will be in the cast of the series Les Combattantes, and at the cinema in You will not have my hatred and Annie Colère.

Samy Seghir is Djibril Saadi

Sentinels on ocs: pauline parigot, louis peres… who are the actors in the series of...

Discovered in 2005 when he was only 12 years old, alongside Gérard Depardieu and Nathalie Baye in Michou d’Auber, Samy Seghir was propelled into the spotlight in 2009 thanks to Neuilly, his mother!. Sharing the poster with François Cluzet in Alone, he also appeared on television in Les Bleus: First steps in the police, in Le Bureau des Légendes and recently in They were ten.

This year, he is Djibril in Sentinelles. A young soldier enlisted following the Bataclan attacks, he worries about the image of public opinion on Islam and the tendency to consider Muslims responsible for the failure of living together.

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