Self Protection by Comcast Gives 24/7 Video Recording

As the holiday shopping season approaches, more and more people are concerned about the possibility of package theft. Porch piracy always goes up this time of year, but there are steps you can take to protect yourself. Today, Comcast announced the launch of Self Protection, a $10-per-month program available to all Xfinity customers with an xFi Gateway. Self Protection provides 24/7 video recording with up to seven days of storage, no long-term contract required.

Cameras will automatically connect to your Wi-Fi, and the feed will be available through the Xfinity app. From the app, you can view the feed of all of your cameras, arm and disarm them, and much more. Connecting the cameras to the Xfinity app also connects them to xFi Advanced Security, a feature that monitors for threats and unauthorized access on your account.

Self Protection also gives you access to your cameras on the big screen.  Just use the Xfinity Voice Remote to display your live feed, favorite clips, and more on your television. If you caught the pet doing something funny (or you scared away a would-be thief in a way worthy of America’s Funniest Home Videos), show it to your family.

Self Protection by Comcast Gives 247 Video Recording

If you’re interested in setting up cameras around your home but you can’t afford the upfront cost of $120 per camera, you can set up a payment plan of $5 per month for 24 months per camera for up to four cameras.

Self Protection customers can upgrade at any time from the $10 per month plan to Xfinity Home’s professional monitoring service. This 24/7 monitoring plan will automatically dispatch authorities if a smoke alarm goes off or your security system is triggered. The base-level monitoring plan is $30 per month.

Whether you plan to do a lot of online shopping this season or you just want to beef up protection around your home, Comcast’s Self Protection is an affordable option for the newcomer to the home security world. If anyone approaches your porch, you’ll receive a push notification, and then you can decide whether to call the police or let a neighbor know that someone may be up to no good.

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