See on Apple TV + with Jason Momoa: 3 good reasons to catch up with season 1 of the series

On the verge of lifting the veil on a second season eagerly awaited by the fans, “See” knew how to conquer the public by transforming Jason Momoa into a blind survivor returned to the primitive state. 3 good reasons to take more than one look!

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In the distant future, as the human race lost its sense of sight, society had to find other ways to interact, to hunt, to build, and just to survive. This balance is upset the day twins are born with the ability to see. Baba Voss, the patriarch, must then protect his clan against a powerful queen who wants to destroy them, convinced that it is witchcraft.


Uploaded when Apple TV + launched in November 2019, See instantly caught the eye. Halfway between fantasy and science fiction, this series by Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders) plunges us 600 years after our era, in a post-apocalyptic universe inhabited by a largely blind population.

In addition to his original premise, See exposes blindness in a way rarely seen on the small and big screens, and turns this handicap into strength. While the arrival of sighted twins injects tension into the plot and contributes to its epic tone, the suspense could not be more present.

The viewer indeed becomes a real actor in the series, often being faced with scenes, situations and places that the characters cannot see. A delightfully addicting game!

See on apple tv + with jason momoa: 3 good reasons to catch up with season 1 of the series

AppleTV +


Shot in a natural setting in Vancouver, See is punctuated by scenes of breathtaking beauty that have nothing to envy on the big screen.

Cavalcades on the mountainside, excursions in lush forests, boat trips on lakes as far as the eye can see …: the visual spectacle is at the rendezvous of each episode.

Dressed in immersive sound, this visual richness highlights remarkable action scenes. We revel for example in front of a prodigious fight led by Baba Voss the chief of the Alkenny tribe, against slave sellers, or when he is confronted with a bear!


Revealed in Game of Thrones, Jason Momoa marked a return to the primitive state to become Baba Voss, fearless, reckless, but also romantic and moving patriarch. A wider range of play than usual and surprising, visible throughout the 8 episodes of the first season of See.

See on apple tv + with jason momoa: 3 good reasons to catch up with season 1 of the series

Apple TV +

But the actor born in Hawaii is not the only one to shine by his talent, since he gives the answer to the Dutch actress Sylvia Hoeks (Blade Runner 2049), to Alfre Woodard (Desperate Housewives), Hera Hilmar (Anna Karénine) ), Christian Camargo (Dexter), or even Franz Drameh (Edge of Tomorrow).


After more than a year of waiting, the 2nd season of See will finally be unveiled from August 27, 2021 on the Apple TV + platform. Subscribers will be able to immerse themselves in the new hectic adventures of Baba Voss with an episode uploaded every Friday.

Enough to give you plenty of time to (re) discover the first eight episodes of the series already renewed for a third season. See you on Apple TV +!

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