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15 years after “Kiss whoever you want”, Michel Blanc unveiled a real-fake sequel, under the title “See how we dance”. The film is being shown this evening on France 2. How does it fit into the continuity of the previous opus? We tell you more.

Is the film See how we dance by Michel Blanc or not the sequel to Kiss Who You Want? If the film is clearly a continuation of the film released in 2002, it nevertheless takes some liberties and distances. As a result, See how we dance defeats some of the expectations after this 15-year hiatus.

How to make it not quite a sequel, launches Michel Blanc, screenwriter and director, at our microphone, on the occasion of the film’s release in 2018. Well, it won’t be a sequel! I’m going to take the characteristics, the characters, and I’m going to invent an adventure from scratch. “

And to add: “Not necessarily a common adventure, adventures that intersect. They are all embroiled in trouble, you can call it that! Let’s say it’s crossed: they talk about it, there are interactionss “.

Note that the idea for this real-fake sequel comes from producer Yves Marmion. The material existed for a sequel, since Joseph Connolly, author of English Holidays (from which is taken Embrassez who you want), then published Don’t forget my little shoes. With the difference that the plot of the latter takes place three months after the events of the first novel.

At the time, I found that the characters did not have time to evolve, specifies Michel Blanc. Out of the question, therefore, to immerse myself, and them with, in the same period. On the other hand, the idea of ​​finding them fifteen years later has gained ground: during all this time, they had inevitably changed a little. The style exercise consisting of starting from these characters and inventing a story for them from scratch excited me: it was like a white puzzle, a little dizzying“.

Change of actors

See how we dance takes over certain characters from Kiss whoever you want but abandons others. For Michel Blanc, “to resume all the characters, it was to block the writing“. Among the actors absent from this suite, Vincent Elbaz, Lou Doillon, Denis Podalydès, Clotilde Courau, and Gaspard Ulliel. For the latter, the character returns but played by Guillaume Labbé.

Released in 2002, Kiss Who You Want had attracted more than 1.5 million viewers in theaters. The story of two couples and their children, between Paris and Le Touquet, who cross paths. Their meeting will greatly disrupt their vacation …

Our interview with the film crew See how we dance:

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