Secrets of Sulfur Springs on Disney +: what is this ghost story series for teens?

Kids and teens finally have a series that will keep them going on Disney +. It’s called The Secrets of Sulfur Springs and Season 1 is available today!

Secrets of sulfur springs on disney +: what is this ghost story series for teens?

What is it about ?

Griffin Campbell and his family move to a new town. They want to turn an abandoned hotel into a bustling resort. The establishment is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl who disappeared decades ago. He will discover a secret portal that allows him to go back in time …

Thrills and adventure

Youth offer Disney + continues to grow and expand with the arrival today of Secrets of Sulfur Springs, a series for the whole family. Originally broadcast on the Disney Channel, this fantasy adventure follows Griffin (Preston Oliver) and Harper (Kyliegh Curran), two teenage boys who set out to find Savannah, a young girl who went missing some 30 years ago.

When they find her in the woods adjoining the hotel where the police have lost their track, they decide to follow her and, in spite of themselves, take a leap back in time. Stuck in the past, they have no choice but to investigate so that they can return home one day. The young Griffin will discover in passing that the history of his family is closely linked to that of the hotel and Savannah.

The Secrets of Sulfur Springs takes previously seen ingredients with a ghost story, a haunted house and a paranormal investigation but does it at the height of a child. A less dark and more affordable version for young audiences than Stranger Things, a Netflix production that also takes place in the 80s.

The series seems in any case to have found its audience on Disney Channel (8 million viewers on average and first target 6-11 years) since it has been renewed for a season 2. Production began this month. While waiting, you can watch or replay the 11 30-minute episodes available on the streaming platform.

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