This year, have you and your friends decided to have a Secret Santa? You’ve come to the right place, because we know it’s not always easy to find a cool and inexpensive gift. For this reason, we made this top which will help you find the perfect gift for your Secret Santa and to have a good evening. And since we loooove Secret Santa, we set out to find the coolest ideas that will make you the star of the evening, of your group of friends, or even of your country, yes, just that.

A gift box to see stand-up comedy throughout France

29 €

Cultur’in The City

A secret Santa gift that will allow him to go see his favorite comedians throughout France without you taking the risk of offering him a show he doesn’t like. It is valid for 3 years and 3 months, so you have plenty of time to use it.

Workshops with artisans to make a unique object

You will discover workshops to be carried out throughout France alongside artisans to do a lot of manual activities: flower arrangement, pottery, woodworking, perfume creation, beer making… Well, Of course, you will leave with your creation.

A bag of chocolates that look like weed

4,9 €

Better Than Flowers

The illusion is perfect but we confirm that it is only rice puffed with chocolate and matcha tea. An unusual Secret Santa gift that will certainly win you the award for best gift!

A special Secret Santa gift box

This special secret Santa box lets you choose from 1,300 experiences: wine tasting, facial treatment, virtual reality session…

The game of null debates

19,9 €

The Refiners

A game which includes 50 pointless debates, to liven up future evenings and above all, to give good topics for conversation if he is dry. A secret Santa gift idea that will save him from many situations!

A box of chocolates from the 80s

A Secret Santa gift full of nostalgia with chocolates from the 80s (Yes, Galak, Nussini, Nuts and many others). We hope you can taste it.

Personalized socks

Before you would have just offered socks, well, not great. Today you made progress: socks, with your big head on them. Hi-lla-rant.

A book with 100 ideas for getting shit done at the office

It’s already pretty annoying but there is still room for improvement. With this secret Santa, pissing off his colleagues will no longer have any secrets for him.

An object that predicts the weather

29,9 €

The Refiners

A secret Santa gift idea that will allow him to know the weather up to 2 days in advance. Well he can have it on his phone but it’s still more stylish that way.

A book on the best beer hikes in France

24,9 €

Nature & Discoveries

This book brings together 70 hikes across France, which range from one hour to six hours and which all end near a brasserie or bistro for the well-deserved tasting!

A Christmas cracker with photos and surprises

The cracker contains 20 prints of the photos of your choice, a deck of cards and a 100% winning golden scratch ticket. A real Secret Santa gift full of surprises!

An ugly Christmas sweater to personalize

34,95 €

It’s tradition, everyone must have their Christmas sweater! And the uglier it is, the better. It’s up to you to personalize it to make it as annoying as possible.

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A leather pétanque game

29 €

The Refiners

We see you petanque purists coming! Well, the goal is above all to be able to play indoors. Have you already tried with traditional balls? Well when it’s done we’ll see you here.

A mini organic indoor vegetable garden to grow in a bottle

26,9 €

The Refiners

The smallest vegetable garden in the world! You will have the choice between basil, mint or thyme and the irrigation system is automatic so normally, it should grow and not die.

An impossible puzzle that changes color when touched

14,9 €

The Avant-Garde

This isn’t just any puzzle since it changes color every time you touch it. It can become a real puzzle, perfect if you want to test the patience of your secret santa.

Vegetable leather bookmarks with messages

22 €

The Refiners

You will have the choice between several leather bookmarks with small humorous messages. A touch of humor for a secret Santa gift is bound to be a success!

A guide to 150 ideas for annoying your colleagues

That will give him something to piss off everyone around him at work.

A box of washable magnetic sponges

A great Secret Santa gift idea if you don’t know the person well. The box includes 2 magnetic sponges and a suction cup so you can hang the sponges anywhere.

Stone ice cubes

19,9 €

The Refiners

We say “whiskey stones” but it can go in any drink, it replaces ice cubes. It would be stupid to force yourself to drink only whiskey…

A toilet golf course, to change crosswords

12,95 €


The toilet is always one of people’s favorite rooms. So you might as well install a golf course there to spend even more time there. Chic and refinement for this secret Santa gift.

An Advent calendar with SAUSAGES!

Hot chocolate bombs

19,95 €

The Avant-Garde

It’s the same principle as a bath bomb except that it goes into a bowl of hot milk and reveals little marshmallows. The most delicious secret Santa gift ever!

A calendar to prepare for a year of SHIT

A set of raclettes and candle fondue

39,9 €

The Refiners

You don’t need to be a lot to make raclette or have space on the table! With this secret Santa gift, all he has to do is light a candle for the magic to happen and the cheese to flow freely!

A Beeropoly, the monopoly of the picole

A weekly bin of bad mood cups

A peony tea flower

32,9 €

Better Than Flowers

A gift not far from magic, the flower will unfold upon contact with hot water. And if you didn’t know, peony flower makes it easier to fall asleep and prolongs sleep. Time for relaxation!

Unlock!, board games for Escape Games fans

Whatever game you choose, he will have to solve a puzzle in less than 60 minutes to escape! A great secret Santa gift idea, especially if you don’t know the person well.

A dictionary of forgotten insults, Foutrebleu!

Thanks to this Secret Santa gift, his vocabulary will be much richer and insults will be able to fly without anyone understanding and therefore taking it badly.

A book “Fucker”, to offer to those it may concern

A book to highlight your personality.

A book with 100 ideas for screwing up a family dinner

Not sure there’s a need for suggestions on how to screw up a family dinner but just in case it goes too well. A secret Santa gift that will set a good mood!

The book “How not to become an old fart”

It may be too late but if it’s not yet the case, this book will give him all the tips to avoid becoming a big asshole.

A magnetic dartboard

A secret Santa gift that will entertain the gallery in the evening while recycling the capsules.

Pills to poop glitter

A magic pill that will turn his excrement into purple, red, yellow or green glitter. A rainbow bird is crazy.

We specify that it is just for the valve, of course we do not recommend telling him to eat them.

A customizable cushion with the head of your choice

Is there really a better Secret Santa gift than a pillow with your head on it? Yes, but it’s funny.

A small penis stuffed animal

You will have the choice between several sizes to offer him his pet penis. A plush toy that is both cute and scary.

“Coup de Pute”, the game where anything goes made in Topito

A name that rhymes with conviviality. More seriously, and in all objectivity, it’s the FUNNIEST game in France.

A customizable mug with your first name written in penis

Marie-Elizabeth, in the form of cocks, it’s super funny, isn’t it?

A Johnny Hallyday sticker for a bank card

A great way to enhance your bank card. It’s also THE secret Santa gift that will make him like him, for a change.

The very rude mug, for difficult mornings

A cup that sums up its character well in the morning: nothing to report from the outside, from the inside, it’s an epicenter of bad mood.

A hairbrush for bald people

No reason why bald people shouldn’t have their own “hairbrush” too. She will give him a shiny skull that everyone will dream of kissing.

A capsule launcher bottle opener

It will become the most stylish way to open your bottle.

Not very friendly cacti to personalize

The ideal gift if you have “subtle” messages. to pass.

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A comic

You can trust the best sellers if you don’t know his tastes and if you do, you will make the best secret Santa gifts! Finally at least one gift that won’t be left lying around

A plaid sweatshirt to personalize

We hope you receive a gift as cool as the one you give.