SEAL Team on M6: what awaits you in season 2 on TV

SEAL Team on M6: what awaits you in season 2

Tonight from 9:05 p.m., M6 launches the broadcast of the second season of the series centered on an elite unit of the Navy SEALS, led by David Boreanaz. What do these first episodes under high tension have in store for you?

With now four seasons on the clock in the United States, SEAL Team, broadcast on the CBS channel, returns this Saturday, July 31 on M6 for a season 2 still unseen in France.

Seal team on m6
Seal team on m6

While season 1 was abruptly interrupted in full broadcast in October 2018, the channel offers for its second season somewhat generous programming since no less than five episodes will be broadcast every Saturday in August.

In this patriotic action series dedicated to an elite unit of Marines, the Navy SEALS, Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz) leads his team through the country’s most dangerous missions.

Now deployed on a clandestine mission around the world, his unit is characterized by solidarity and unfailing dedication to its peers. But this full-time commitment comes at a terrible human cost for these soldiers, uprooted and estranged from their families.

In the first episode of this second season, titled “Fracture”, Hayes, still in charge of the Bravo unit, travels to the Gulf of Guinea to rescue American hostages after an oil rig crashes. was stormed by armed militants.

In the second episode, “Over the water”, they then traveled to Saudi Arabia, where extremists seized a groundwater source and threatened to dump bacteria there. For his part, Ray (Neil Brown Jr.) begins to consider leaving the Bravo unit.

In the second part of the evening, episode 3, “In Pain”, sees Jason being confronted with a real personal upheaval about his wife Alana (Michaela McManus). While this event could jeopardize his future as part of his team, Ray is deployed to Bombay against his will to lead the Bravo unit to the rescue of an American officer of the Foreign Service, taken hostage by radicals who attacked. the city.

In episode 4, ” Panic in Bombay “, Ray and the Bravo unit manage to save the American officer taken hostage, but they are given an additional mission: to rescue students held hostage inside a university. Meanwhile, Jason, who struggles to communicate with his children, decides to change his parenting approach to recreate a bond with his family.

Finally, in episode 5 entitled “The Fall of the Eagle”, while Jason decides to resign from the Bravo unit to devote himself to his children, the intervention of his companions in Bombay goes wrong: a member of the team is killed, and several marines are seriously injured …

SEAL Team season 2 is also available in replay on 6Play and streaming on SALTO

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