Scrooge: what is the exact amount of his fortune? – News Series

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Who hasn’t fantasized about Uncle Scrooge’s safe of coins and bills? Well the very serious site Live Science has tried to estimate exactly the sum in question. And Jeff Bezos can humbly bow!

Scrooge: what is the exact amount of his fortune? - news series
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Readers of Scrooge Magazine, Scrooge McDuck and The Lost Lamp Treasure fans have all wondered: how rich is Scrooge Uncle? The duck in the top hat bathes in its fortune every morning, but is its precise amount calculated or calculable?

The official answer to this question does not exist. On the other hand, certain clues left by those who described Scrooge’s adventures provide clues allowing us to arrive at an estimate.

Scrooge’s creator Carl Banks once described Scrooge’s vault, located in Canardville and containing all of its gold, as a 12-story building. In 2001 screenwriter Don Rosa wrote The Rapetou against the safe in which the burglars manage to steal from the architect FL Drake, this plan (see page 5), which shows that Scrooge’s chest is 39 meters high and 37 meters wide.

Scrooge: what is the exact amount of his fortune? - news series

Walt disney pictures

Excerpts from “La Bande à Picsou, the film: The Treasure of the Lost Lamp” (1990)

According to the site Live Science, these dimensions can contain 6473.23 m3. But given that the safe is never filled, Live Science assumes that a quarter of the safe’s surface is empty, leaving 4854.92 m3 of coins or 93 612 631.995 kilos of gold.

the current rate gold being fixed (on 08/13) at 56,039.07 dollars per kilo, one can affirm with a simple multiplication that Scrooge would have approximately 5,247,268,805,443 dollars, or 5,247 billion dollars in its safe. At the time of these lines, the 20 biggest fortunes of the planet accumulate a global fortune of 1928.1 billion dollars … and therefore run far behind Balthazar Scrooge!

Did you know that there is a new version of La Bande à Picsou?

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