Scream the complete arrives on CANAL +: 5 anecdotes about the cult saga

On the occasion of the very first broadcast of Scream’s 5th opus, only 6 months after its cinema release, CANAL+ shines the light on Ghostface all week from August 22. Discover 5 well-kept secrets about the iconic franchise.

Find the 5 Scream, only on myCANAL.

Notice to fans of Scream : CANAL+ has concocted a program that has everything to make you scream with pleasure. From this Monday, August 22 and throughout the week, live your evenings in the company of Ghostface with the broadcast of a film from the saga by prime-time on CANAL + Cinema. On Friday August 26, you will be able to discover the 5th part, only 6 months after its theatrical release.

If you are more of the marathon runner type, you will be won over since the integral will be broadcast on the night of August 27. Tailor-made programming for a symbol of the big screen that we think we know like the back of our hand. And yet, Scream surely still has a few secrets to reveal to you… the proof with these 5 anecdotes.

Scream: from Drew Barrymore to Neve Campbell

Scream the complete arrives on CANAL 5 anecdotes about
Canal +

Released in 1996, Scream created the event and above all presented to the public characters who would rock entire generations: Gale Weathers (Courtney Cox), Dewey Riley (David Arquette), without forgetting the unmissable Sidney Prescott. And if it is impossible to imagine another actress than neve campbell in the guise of the heroine of the saga, she was however not the first choice.

At the time, the role was indeed to be held by… Drew Barrymore ! If she refused this offer for reasons of planning, the actress revealed in ET was still chosen to lend her features to the first victim of the serial killer. She then pointed out to Wes Craven that to make her die at the very beginning of the feature film was an excellent idea, allowing to install in the mind of the public that in Scream, anything can happen!

Where Drew Barrymore must have less appreciated the imagination of the director, it is surely when this one used the involvement of the actress in the animal cause in order to increase his emotions tenfold on the screen. He would have told her stories of abused animals to make her scream as much as possible during this opening scene that has become cult.

Scream 2: spoiler hunt

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Released only 1 year after the first opus, scream 2 could have had a whole different story. A few weeks before the shooting, the script written by Kevin Williamson leaked on the Internet and angered fans since Sidney Prescott would die there! Faced with the situation, several scenes and especially the end of the film were completely rewritten at the very last moment.

And to avoid any other risk of disclosure, the screenwriter waited until the last week of filming to communicate to the actors the final ten pages. The cast of Scream 2 therefore embarked on the project without knowing the outcome of the story and the identity of the killer.

Scream 3: never two without three

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After the twists and turns of Scream 2, the production of Scream 3 doubled down on precautions to make sure no one could find out the end of the film. This is why journalists were only able to see it 2 days before its theatrical release, and why no test screening was organised. But that’s not all…

Never short of ideas, Wes Craven shot 3 different final sequences, without telling the actors which one was going to be used. The technical team and the entire cast therefore discovered the film as we know it for the first time during the preview.

Scream 4: Kristen Stewart’s refusal

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In 2011, the franchise that revolutionized the horror and slasher genre made a comeback after 11 years of absence from our screens. If Neve Campbell, David Arquette and Courteney Cox reprise their roles, Scream 4 also counts on the presence ofEmma Roberts, Hayden Panettiere, Alison Brie, Adam Brody, Anna Paquin or Kristen Bell. A very beautiful cast, in which we could also have found… Kristen Stewart !

Despite her love for Scream, the one who is at the time on the rise thanks to Twilight declines the invitation to interpret the young woman who is killed at the beginning of the film. And this for a very specific reason: the shadow of Drew Barrymore’s stage. “I was like, ‘I can’t do Drew again, I can’t touch this.’ Do you see what I mean?” she confided in an interview with Slay. An opinion that must have made its way into the mind of Wes Craven, since the opening of this 4th part has been redesigned so as not to be centered on a single murder.

Scream: back to the origins

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After the 90s, 2000s and 2010s, Scream also lit up the 2020s pto the delight of its public. Marking the 25th anniversary of the release of the first film, the 5th installment in the saga is also the first not to be directed by Wes Craven, who died in 2015. These are Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett who take up his torch, those who made a splash a few years ago with the horror film Wedding Nightmare.

A true sequel, and not a remake or spin-off, the feature film is called “Scream” and not “Scream 5”, in order to mark a renewal in continuity. “I just think we took the 5 out and it works to just call it Scream because it’s like a brand new movie,” the screenwriter explains. Kevin Williamson. There’s the original cast, and the way it blends into this new universe with this new generation and this new cast is joyful.”

The directors have also preferred old methods to digital, favoring the magic of make-up. “There’s bound to be some excitement when the make-up team arrives on set with buckets full of blood. It feeds the general effervescence, to observe this artisanal work.”

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